Black Awareness Day

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An advertisement about Black Awareness Day in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.
A march during Consciência Negra day, São Paulo, 2008.

Black Awareness Day (Portuguese: Dia da Consciência Negra) is celebrated each year on November 20 in Brazil as a day "to celebrate a regained awareness by the black community about their great worth and contribution to the country".[1]


Members of the organization "Black Movement" (the largest of its kind in Brazil) organize educational and fun events involving mainly children of African descent. Their focus during these events is to dissolve the perception of Africans' inferiority in society. Other "hot topics" in the Black community during the Day of Black Awareness are the assimilation of African-Brazilian laborers with Caucasian-Brazilian and other laborers, ethnic identity, and black pride.

Black Awareness Day has been celebrated since the 1960s and has amplified its events in the last few years. Black Awareness Day used to be celebrated on 13 May (the date of abolition of slavery in Brazil). Afro-Brazilians asked to change it to 20 of November to honor Zumbi's death.

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