Black Bastards

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Black Bastards
Black Bastard (KMD album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by
RecordedMarch–August 1993 Chung King Studios, New York, New York
GenreEast coast hip hop, boom bap, hardcore hip hop
ProducerSubroc, Zev Love X, Q4
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Black Bastards Ruffs + Rares
Black Bastards
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Black Bastards (or Bl_ck B_st_rds) is the second studio album by KMD (a rap trio featuring an early alias of MF Doom), completed in 1993 and eventually released in 2001 through ReadyRock. Initially, the album was scheduled for release in 1993, but Elektra Records canceled the album, reportedly due to the controversial cover art, which shows a Sambo figure being lynched, and its black nationalist, Five-Percenter lyrics.[1] However, the album displayed no obvious Five-Percenter rhetoric, yet the project was racially candid, as demonstrated by the album title, its cover art, and the sample collage intro. Zev Love X's brother DJ Subroc was killed when he was struck by a car shortly before the album was completed.

Rare and demo tracks recorded during the making of this album were released on a vinyl-only EP titled Black Bastards Ruffs + Rares in 1998.

The album was re-released in 2001 by Sub Verse Music and again in 2008 by MF Doom's own Metal Face Records.

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2.5/5 stars[2]
Robert ChristgauA-[5]

The album received mixed to positive review from music critics. Douglas Siwek of AllMusic wrote "The sound of the record is very raw and sounds unfinished due to Elektra shelving the project, but it doesn't take away from the magic that would have made this a suitable follow-up." Steven Juon of RapReviews praised the album's lyrics but wrote that he wished "they would have taken a little more care in mastering and recording this disk."

Track listing[edit]

# Title Producer(s) Performer(s) Time
1 "Garbage Day #3" Subroc *Interlude* 2:14
2 "Get-U-Now" Subroc Zev Love X 2:27
3 "What a Nigga Know?" KMD Zev Love X, Subroc 3:26
4 "Sweet Premium Wine" Subroc Zev Love X, Subroc 3:09
5 "Plumskinzz. (Loose Hoe, God & Cupid)" KMD Zev Love X 1:43
6 "Smokin' That S*#%" Subroc Zev Love X, Kurious, Earth Quake, Lord Sear, Subroc 4:40
7 "Contact Blitt" Zev Love X Zev Love X 2:42
8 "Gimme" KMD Subroc 3:50
9 "Black Bastards!" Subroc Zev Love X 4:00
10 "It Sounded like a Roc" Subroc Subroc 4:34
11 "Plumskinzz. (Oh No I Don't Believe It!)" Subroc Subroc 1:40
12 "Constipated Monkey" KMD, Q4 Zev Love X 2:47
13 "F*#@ wit' Ya Head" KMD H20, CMOB, Zev Love X, Subroc 4:35
14 "Suspended Animation" KMD Zev Love X 2:20

Bonus tracks on Sub Verse reissue[edit]

# Title Producer(s) Performer(s) Time
15 "What A Nigga Know? (Remix)" KMD Zev Love X, MF Grimm 3:36
16 "Q3-113" KMD Subroc 1:10


  • Lord Sear – Vocals
  • Q4 – Producer