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Black Black
Product typeChewing gum
OwnerLotte Confectionery
CountryJapan Japan

Black Black (ブラックブラック, Burakku Burakku) is a brand of caffeinated chewing gum produced in Japan by Lotte. It has been sold since 1983.[1] and is popular in Japan, partially due to its well-known television commercials that star Jean-Claude Van Damme. After being mentioned by Wired Magazine in 2003, which described its effect as "Sambuca spiked with Vicks VapoRub",[2] Lotte Black Black became popular in the United States[citation needed]. The gum's name is derived from its charcoal-like color.[clarification needed]

Ingredients include sugar, starch syrup, grape sugar, erythritol, oolong tea extract, ginkgo extract, chrysanthemum flower extract, gum base, flavorings, coloring agents (cacao, gardenia), caffeine, and nicotinamide. A persistent urban legend holds that the gum contains nicotine, the misconception stemming from confusion with nicotinamide, a different substance related to the B vitamins. There is some "Engrish" on the label that reads, "HI-TECHNICAL * EXCELLENT TASTE AND FLAVOR". Some sticks also say "YES, CHEWING!".

Notes and references[edit]

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