Black Blade (song)

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"Black Blade"
Song by Blue Öyster Cult
from the album Cultosaurus Erectus
Released June, 1980
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock
Length 6:34
Label CBS Records
Composer(s) Eric Bloom, John Trivers
Lyricist(s) Michael Moorcock, Eric Bloom
Producer(s) Martin Birch

"Black Blade" is a song by American rock band Blue Öyster Cult. The lyrics were written by Eric Bloom and British science fiction writer Michael Moorcock from the viewpoint of Elric, Moorcock's most famous character. Elric wields a sentient, soul-sucking sword named Stormbringer. Aside from a set of cryptic, blood-red runes on the blade, the sword is black, hence the name "Black Blade". The music was jointly composed by Eric Bloom, lead singer of Blue Öyster Cult, and bass-player John Trivers. The song was featured in the Blue Öyster Cult album Cultösaurus Erectus.[1] When Bloom was asked how he got in touch with Moorcock for the song he claims, "I went out of my way to send him a Fan Boy letter. He was living in England, and he came over to America, to meet with his publisher. He said, “Let's get together.” We got together, and bonded, and he started sending me lyrics. That is how "Black Blade," "Veteran of Psychic Wars" and "Great Sun Jester" happened.[2]

In 2005, on the compilation "Day Late, Dollar Short," there is a cover of the song by the experimental metal band Thrones.