Black Bog

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Official nameBlack Bog
Designated28 July 2000
Reference no.1032[1]

Black Bog is a raised bog in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, situated about 17km west of Cookstown. It is one of the two largest intact active bogs in Northern Ireland with hummock and hollow pool complexes and represents one of the best examples of this habitat type in the United Kingdom.[2]


The raised bog which covers most of the site contains the full range of characteristic vegetation and structural features associated with this type of habitat and is surrounded by cut-over bog with poor fen.[3]

Ramsar site[edit]

The Black Bog Ramsar site (wetlands of international importance designated under the Ramsar Convention), is 183.42 hectares in area, at Latitude 54 40 21 N and Longitude 07 01 00 W. It was designated a Ramsar site on 14 December 1999. It is a large and relatively intact example of a lowland raised bog.[2] The site qualifies under criterion 1a of the Ramsar Convention by being a particularly good representative example of lowland raised bog.[3]

Flora and fauna[edit]

Black Bog is especially important because of its extensive hummock-hollow complex, high cover of Sphagnum species and largely intact lagg. There are some very large sphagnum hummocks. The bog surface features an unusual plant community with locally high cover of Crowberry and large hummocks of Cladonia impexa.[3]

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Coordinates: 54°40′19″N 7°01′14″W / 54.67194°N 7.02056°W / 54.67194; -7.02056