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This article is about the Canadian company, which should not be confused with UK company Black Box Music Limited, whose record label Black Box has very similar catalogue numbers BBMxyz
Black Box Music
Black Box Music logo.png
Founded 2004 (2004)
Founder Jason Murray and Ian Stanger
Distributor(s) Universal Music Group Canada
Country of origin Canada
Location Mississauga, Ontario
Official website

Black Box Music is an independent music and artist development company based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Originally operating under Black Box Recordings, the company began exclusively as a record label in 2004. It has since expanded to include management and publishing services in recent years, prompting the brand change in 2008. The Black Box Recordings brand now exists as the record label sector of Black Box Music's full-service approach.


Established in 2004, Black Box is one of Canada's premiere and diverse international independent music companies with dedicated teams in Toronto, Ontario and Los Angeles, California. Black Box Music consists of a record label distributed by Universal Music Canada with artist management and publishing branches. Black Box Music's artist roster boasts internationally recognized award-winning talent including Juno-nominated SonReal, The Glorious Sons, platinum-selling hip-hop artist Classified, Juno-nominated rapper and producer Rich Kidd, Lyon, Northcote, Kayo, and platinum-selling Canadian rock band Glass Tiger frontman Alan Frew.

As Black Box Music's scope expanded, so did company involvement in the careers of signed artists, later leading to the launch of the company in artist management. Over time, Black Box Music's artist management and publishing initiatives have grown to include external artists of various styles and genres that are not signed to the Black Box record label.

"We pride ourselves on working with honest, genuine artists from a vast array of styles and profiles. We are, at the heart, an artist development company set on giving hard working artists the best shot at making a career in the music industry." - Black Box Music Facebook.


Label (current)[edit]

Label (alumni)[edit]



Catalogue number Artist name Album name Release date
BBR001 The Fullblast Contagious Movement Theory March 6, 2004
BBR002 Rosesdead The Relationship Between Music & Numbers June 4, 2004
BBR003 The Wolfnote This Is the Getdown June 4, 2004
BBR004 The Wolfnote Sacred Bodies July 28, 2005
BBR005 Sydney Sydney September 27, 2005
BBR006 Rosesdead Stages March 28, 2006
BBR007 Summer Hero Soundcanvas August 5, 2006
BBR008 Ten Second Epic Count Yourself In October 10, 2006
BBR009 Living with Lions Dude Manor EP September 18, 2007
BBR010 Sydney When We Were Safe October 9, 2007
BBR011 Shad The Old Prince October 16, 2007
BBR012 The Wooden Sky When Lost at Sea February 26, 2008
BBR013 Living with Lions Make Your Mark June 17, 2008
BBR014 Ten Second Epic Hometown January 27, 2009
BBR015 The Wooden Sky If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone August 25, 2009
BBR016 Northcote Borrowed Chords, Tired Eyes December 8, 2009
BBR017 Shad TSOL May 25, 2010
BBR018 Lisa Scinta The Bathroom Sessions EP August 17, 2010
BBR019 Crash Parallel Crash Parallel February 8, 2011
BBR020 Living With Lions Holy Shit May 17, 2011
BBR021 Shad iTunes Session March 1, 2011
BBR022 Northcote Gather No Dust April 19, 2011
BBR023 Brighter Brightest Right For Me August 9, 2011
BBR024 Lisa Scinta Naked EP August 10, 2011
BBR025 Ten Second Epic Better Off September 20, 2011
BBR026 The Wooden Sky City Of Light EP October 25, 2011
BBR027 The Wooden Sky Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun February 28, 2012
BBR028 SonReal and Rich Kidd The Closers October 16, 2012
BBR029 Livy Jeanne Under The Radar November 30, 2012
BBR030 DreamFace DreamFaceEP February 26, 2013
BBR031 Northcote Northcote May 7, 2013
BBR033 Lyon Indian Summer August 20, 2013
BBR034 Shad Flying Colours October 15, 2013
BBR035 Kayo S.L.A.V.E. September 10, 2013
BBR036 SonReal Everywhere We Go August 13, 2013
BBR037 Seas Fade Out Into The Night September 24, 2013
BBR038 The Glorious Sons Shapeless Art November 19, 2013
SonReal One Long Day January 21, 2014
BBR040a The Provincial Archive Hide Like A Secret June 10, 2014
Livy Jeanne We Are The Young July 8, 2014
BBR040 The Provincial Archive It's All Shaken Wonder August 19, 2014
The Glorious Sons The Union September 16, 2014
Northcote Invisible Diamonds EP November 18, 2014
Rich Kidd Rich Kidd Nightmares Of Being Rich The LP December 18, 2014
Blaq Tuxedo Red Flowerz EP January 6, 2015
SonReal For The Town April 28, 2015
Rich Kidd Drill God May 10, 2015
Livy Jeanne Dashboard Renegade July 17, 2015
Blaq Tuxedo Limousine EP September 1, 2015
Kayo Nowhere EP September 11, 2015
Northcote Hope Is Made Of Steel September 24, 2015
Alan Frew 80290 Rewind November 6, 2015
Lyon Falling Up September 16, 2016

Awards and nominations[edit]

Artist Award Year Category Status
Ten Second Epic MuchMusic Video Award 2007 Best Independent Video[1] Nominated
Ten Second Epic Canadian Radio Music Award 2008 Rock[2] Nominated
Ten Second Epic Canadian Independent Music Awards 2008 Rock Band of the Year[3] Nominated
Shad Juno Award 2008 Rap Recording Of The Year[4] Nominated
Shad Polaris Music Prize 2008 Short List[5] Nominated
Shad CBC Radio 3 Bucky Award 2008 Collaboration Of The Year (w/Hey Ocean!)[6] Nominated
Video Of The Year (The Old Prince...)[6] Won
Sydney Hamilton Music Award 2008 Emo Recording Of The Year[7] Won
Ten Second Epic MuchMusic Video Award 2009 Best Rock Video[1] Nominated
Ten Second Epic Juno Award 2010 Best New Group[8] Nominated
Shad Juno Award 2011 Rap Recording Of The Year (TSOL)[9] Won
Ten Second Epic Edmonton Music Awards 2012 Album of the Year Nominated
Group of the Year[10] Won
Rock Album of the Year Nominated
People's Choice Nominated
SonReal Juno Awards 2013 Rap Recording of the Year Nominated
SonReal w/ Rich Kidd MuchMusic Video Awards 2013 Best Hip-Hop Video Nominated
Rich Kidd SiriusXM Indie Awards 2014 Rap/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Nominated
Shad SiriusXM Indie Awards 2014 Rap/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Won
SonReal SiriusXM Indie Awards 2014 Rap/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Nominated
Shad Canadian Polaris Music Prize 2014 - Nominated
Rich Kidd Juno Awards 2014 Rap Recording of the Year Nominated
The Glorious Sons Canadian Radio Music Awards 2014 Best New Rock Group or Solo Artist Nominated
SonReal MuchMusic Video Awards 2014 Best MuchFACT Video Won
The Glorious Sons SiriusXM Indie Awards 2014 Emerging Artist of the Year Nominated
SonReal MuchMusic Video Awards 2014 Video of the Year

Director of the Year

Best Hip-Hop Video

Fan Fav Video

SonReal Juno Awards 2014 Rap Recording of the Year Nominated
Blaq Tuxedo Grammy Awards 2014 R&B Album of the Year (credited as writers) Nominated
The Glorious Sons SiriusXM Indie Awards 2015 Group or Duo of the Year Won
The Glorious Sons SiriusXM Indie Awards 2015 Rock Artist of the Year Won
SonReal Juno Awards 2015 Video of the Year Nominated
The Glorious Sons Juno Awards 2015 Rock Album of the Year Nominated
SonReal MuchMusic Video Awards 2015 Best Hip-Hop Video Nominated
The Glorious Sons Canadian Music Week Indie Awards 2016 Rock Artist/Group of the Year Nominated
SonReal MuchMusic Video Awards 2016 Best Hip-Hop Video Nominated
SonReal SiriusXM Indie Awards 2016 Rap/R&B Artist or Group of the Year Nominated
SonReal Juno Awards 2016 Rap Recording of the Year

Video of the Year



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