Black Cobra (film series)

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Black Cobra (film series)
Directed by Stelvio Massi
Edoardo Margheriti
Umberto Lenzi
Produced by Luciano Appignani
Written by Danilo Massi
Gaetano Russo
Starring Fred Williamson
Music by Paolo Rustichelli
Aldo Salvi
Detto Mariano
Cinematography Stelvio Massi
Guglielmo Mancori
John Wyler
Edited by Alessandro Lucidi
Vanio Amici
Distributed by L’Immagine S.r.l.
Release date
Running time
359 min.
Country Italy
United States
Language Italian

Black Cobra (Cobra nero in Italy) is an Italian Blaxploitation series of four action films. All of its films are centered on Robert 'Bob' Malone (Fred Williamson), a maverick police detective who deals out his own brand of justice.


The following are plot summaries for the entire Black Cobra series.

Black Cobra[edit]

The film was released in 1987. When a beautiful photographer (Eva Grimaldi) witnesses a murder committed by the leader (Bruno Bilotta) of a vicious motorcycle gang, it's up to Malone to protect her. The gang throws everything they've got at Malone to eliminate the eyewitness, but Malone is tough-as-nails.

The plot is identical to Cobra starring Sylvester Stallone, the film in which its name is derived from.[citation needed]

Black Cobra 2[edit]

The film was released in 1989. Malone is back and this time he finds himself in the Philippines due to a law-enforcement exchange program that his boss ordered. While picking up his luggage at the airport Malone is pickpocketed. An Interpol agent named Lt. Kevin McCall (Nicholas Hammond) tracks down the thief with Malone, only to find the thief dead. After this Malone and McCall uncover clues leading to a terrorist who will kill anyone in his way.

Black Cobra 3: Manila Connection[edit]

The film was released in 1990. Malone again shows his incredible skills in thwarting a grocery store hold-up. Malone is then called in by Interpol to track down some pawns who stole a vital arms shipment in the Philippines. Once the thieves are tracked down, Malone mounts his assault on the criminals' jungle fortress.

Black Cobra 4 (Detective Malone)[edit]

The film was released in 1991. A gang of Arab terrorists kidnaps a scientific engineer in order to create a device that will make international terrorism more powerful.

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