Black Cobra (gang)

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Black Cobra
Founded 2000
Founding location Roskilde, Denmark
Years active 2000–2013
Territory Denmark and Sweden
Ethnicity Iranians, Palestinians, Turks, ethnic Danes,[1] Serbs, Bosniaks,[2] Iraqis and Lebanese[3]
Membership (est.) 100+
Criminal activities Drug trafficking, extortion, racketeering, vehicle theft and murder
Allies Black Scorpions, M16
Rivals Bloodz, Bandidos, Hells Angels and AK81

Black Cobra is one of the largest immigrant street gangs in Denmark and is represented in most major Danish cities, with approximately 100 members.[4] The gang is also active in Sweden, having established itself in the Malmö district Rosengård[5] and the Stockholm suburbs of Tensta, Rissne and Rinkeby.[6][7][8] They also control a youth gang called the Black Scorpions.[9] They are involved in drug trafficking, extortion and murder.[10] The police describe Black Cobra as a loose network composed of strong leadership figures.[11] The Black Cobra was founded in Roskilde in the year 2000. In March 2009, members of the Black Cobra were arrested in Malmö for extorting a company for protection money and trafficking illegal drugs.[12] Black Cobra members wear black and white shirts with an emblem on the back of a cobra in attack position. The shirts also have Black Cobra written on them, above the emblem in Old English-style writing. In March 2010, the Black Cobra Gang stole 120 boxes of almond tarts, punch rolls, apple crowns and brownies from a delivery truck in southern Sweden.[13]


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