Black Creek Canal virus

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Black Creek Canal virus
Virus classification
Group: Group V ((−)ssRNA)
Order: Unassigned
Family: Bunyaviridae
Genus: Hantavirus
Species: Black Creek Canal virus

Black Creek Canal virus (BCCV) is a single-stranded, negative sense RNA virus species of New World Hantavirus. It was first isolated in cotton rats (Sigmodon hispidus) found in the Black Creek Canal area of Dade County, Florida in 1995. The discovery followed from an isolated case of Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome diagnosed in a Dade County resident.[1][2][3][4]

Natural reservoir[edit]

While several species are responsible for Hantavirus hemorrhagic fever syndrome (HFS) and Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), each species of hantavirus is unique to a single reservoir. This makes host evolution and geography important factors in understanding transmission and prevention of spread of disease to humans. [5]


BCCV, like other species of hantavirus, is transmitted via droplet respiration when rodent excreta becomes aerosolized. The greater the concentration of rodent excreta, as occurs in seasonal use structures such as sheds, vacation cabins, and camp grounds, the greater the likelihood of transmission and infection.[6]

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