Black Diamond: The Anthology

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Black Diamond: The Anthology
Compilation album by Stratovarius
Released April 24, 2006
Genre Power metal
Length 2:30:00
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Timo Tolkki
Stratovarius chronology
Black Diamond: The Anthology

Black Diamond: The Anthology is a compilation album of the group Finland power metal Stratovarius. This album contains the 30 most famous songs on the group throughout its history, and its split into 2 discs. Disc 1 contains songs from the first five albums, and disc 2 contains songs from albums 5-10.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Future Shock" (Fright Night)  
2. "Break the Ice" (Twilight Time)  
3. "The Hands of Time" (Twilight Time)  
4. "Twilight Time" (Twilight Time)  
5. "Out of the Shadows" (Twilight Time)  
6. "Hold on to Your Dream" (Dreamspace)  
7. "Dreamspace" (Dreamspace)  
8. "Atlantis/Abyss" (Dreamspace)  
9. "Shattered" (Dreamspace)  
10. "Against the Wind" (Fourth Dimension)  
11. "Distant Skies" (Fourth Dimension)  
12. "Stratovarius" (Fourth Dimension)  
13. "Twilight Symphony" (Fourth Dimension)  
14. "Speed of Light" (Episode)  
15. "Father Time" (Episode)  
16. "Will the Sun Rise?" (Episode)  
17. "Stratosphere" (Episode)  
18. "Forever" (Episode)  
19. "Kiss of Judas" (Visions)  
20. "Black Diamond" (Visions)  
21. "Forever Free" (Visions)  
22. "Paradise" (Visions)  
23. "SOS" (Destiny)  
24. "No Turning Back" (Destiny)  
25. "4000 Rainy Nights" (Destiny)  
26. "Playing With Fire" (Destiny)  
27. "Hunting High & Low" (Infinite)  
28. "Will My Soul Ever Rest in Peace?" (Intermission)  
29. "Eagleheart" (Elements Pt. 1)  
30. "I Walk to My Own Song" (Elements Pt. 2)