Black Diamond (roller coaster)

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Black Diamond
The Black Diamond 2015.jpg
The building housing the Black Diamond in 2015
Coordinates 40°52′47″N 76°30′24″W / 40.8797°N 76.5068°W / 40.8797; -76.5068Coordinates: 40°52′47″N 76°30′24″W / 40.8797°N 76.5068°W / 40.8797; -76.5068
Status Operating
Opening date October 8, 2011[1]
Cost $2.25 million
General statistics
Type Steel – Family – Enclosed
Manufacturer Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters
Designer John C. Allen
Height 35 ft (11 m)
Inversions 0
Height restriction 42 in (107 cm)
Black Diamond at RCDB
Pictures of Black Diamond at RCDB

The Black Diamond is a steel roller coaster located at Knoebels' Amusement Resort in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. It originally operated as the Gold Nugget at Morey's Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey.


The Golden Nugget Mine Ride opened in July 1960 at Morey's Piers on the newly constructed ocean side section of Hunt's Pier. The Golden Nugget was built three stories high with the top floor giving riders a mine car ride through the “desert.” The coaster was specially constructed for Hunt’s Pier by the Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters and was engineered by John C. Allen. Bill Tracy designed the ride’s western theme pieces through his Amusement Display company.[2] On December 11, 2008, Morey's Piers announced that the Golden Nugget would be demolished and that they would have a ceremony for the Golden Nugget on Saturday, January 31. On Jan 26, 2009 it was publicly announced that Knoebels' Amusement Resort had purchased the Golden Nugget track and trains from Morey's Piers. The Coaster was modified and rebuilt on the location where the park's former bald eagle habitat resides.[3] The eagle's habitat has been relocated. The Black Diamond has opened and is currently working as of October 8, 2011.[1]

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