Black Diamond Heavies

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Black Diamond Heavies
John Wesley Myers in 2008 playing for Black Diamond Heavies
John Wesley Myers in 2008 playing for Black Diamond Heavies
Background information
OriginNashville, Tennessee, U.S.
GenresRock, blues rock, punk rock, soul, blues
Years active2004–present
MembersJohn Wesley Myers (bass keys, Fender Rhodes, organ, and lead vocals 2004–present)
Van Campbell (vocals/drums, 2004 – present)
Past membersMark "Porkchop" Holder (guitar and harmonica, 2004 – 2006)

Black Diamond Heavies is a United States blues rock band originating from Nashville, Tennessee. The band is composed of John Wesley Myers aka Reverend James Leg, formerly of The Immortal Lee County Killers, on bass keys, Fender Rhodes, organ, and vocals with Van Campbell on drums.[1]


After the departure of Mark "Porkchop" Holder, the guitarist, Black Diamond Heavies set out on a venture to take on the blues from a new perspective, with the only instruments being a keyboard and drums. The self-proclaimed "vagrants/citizens of the world"[1] created a raw, stripped down punk/blues sound, which could be described as dirty or "whiskey-stained".[citation needed] Myers' soulful, "raspy growl"[2] is reminiscent of and has been compared[by whom?] to singer Tom Waits.


You Damn Right EP[edit]

Black Diamond Heavies formed in 2004 as a three piece band: John Wesley Myers on the keyboard and vocals, Mark "Porkchop" Holder on guitar, harmonica and lead vocals, and Van Campbell on the drums. They soon after started performing and in 2005 the Black Diamond Heavies self-released their first EP, You Damn Right. In 2006 Holder left the band after becoming discouraged with the hardships of life on the road. Myers and Campbell decided to continue the band as a two-man act. Soon after, in the summer of 2006, the band was given a record deal with Alive Records.[3]

Every Damn Time[edit]

In 2007, with the band now signed to Alive Records, Black Diamond Heavies released their first studio album, Every Damn Time.[3]

A Touch of Someone Else's Class[edit]

In 2008, Black Diamond Heavies released their second studio album under Alive Records, A Touch Of Someone Else's Class.[3] For their second studio album Black Diamond Heavies turned to Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys who produced the album while it was recorded at his Akron Analog Studio.[4]

Alive As Fuck[edit]

Since their inception, Black Diamond Heavies have been hyped as great live performers, with their live performances being termed as "both 'Pentecostal' and 'Demon-Possessed'."[1] In 2009 they were able to show the world what the hype was all about, with their first live album, Alive As Fuck, recorded during a gig at the Masonic Lodge, in Covington, KY,. This album was released under the Alive Records label.[3][5]

Solitary Pleasure[edit]

In December 2010 Myers recorded a solo album, Solitary Pleasure, under his pseudonym, James Leg. The album is set to be released on April 5, 2011 under the Alive Records label.[6] Jim Diamond (music producer) of Ghetto Recorders mixed Solitary Pleasure.


Studio albums
Release date Title Label Notes
2007 Every Damn Time Alive Records
2008 A Touch Of Someone Else's Class Alive Records
2011 Solitary Pleasure Alive Records As James Leg
2012 Painkillers Alive Records As James Leg, With Left Lane Cruiser
Release date Title Label
2005 You Damn Right Self-Released
Live albums
Release date Title Label
2009 Alive As Fuck Alive Records


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