Black Earth Tiger

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Black Earth Tiger
Black Earth Tiger cover.jpg
Studio album by Emanuel
Released August 28, 2007 (2007-08-28)
Genre Emo
Melodic hardcore
Length 43:03
Label Vagrant
Producer Terry Date
Emanuel chronology
Soundtrack to a Headrush
Black Earth Tiger

Black Earth Tiger is the second and final album by the post-hardcore band Emanuel. It was released on August 28, 2007, by Vagrant Records. The track list was confirmed on Vagrant Records' official site.[1]

The band debuted the first track from the album, "Cottonmouth", on their Myspace on 24 May, and removed it less than two weeks later on 6 June. It was re-added in August in the form of a banner. On 27 June, they uploaded another track from the album, "Scenotaph", to their Myspace page, which was removed just under a month later on 23 July. A new track, "Phobos", was added to Alternative Press' website on 23 July; on 31 July 2007 the song was also added to the band's MySpace profile. The song "My Antapex" is currently[when?] streaming on some radio stations.

On August 21, 2007, the band premiered the album via a full album stream on, with featured placement on the front page of MySpace, as well as the music section.

The band recently[when?] released the video for the track "Cottonmouth".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Whiteflag" (Intro) 2:00
2. "Cottonmouth" 3:25
3. "Anathamatics" 3:30
4. "My Antapex" 3:33
5. "Scenotaph" 4:17
6. "Phobos" 4:20
7. "Abandonment Star" 2:58
8. "Let Them Die" 3:27
9. "Year Of The Pig" 4:40
10. "Forever" 3:45
11. "Whiteflag" (Reprise) 7:13



  • There is a small error in the lyrics booklet that comes with the CD. It states that "Let Them Die" is track 7 and "Abandonment Star" is track 8; it is actually the other way round.
  • The song "Scenotaph" was remixed for the movie Resident Evil: Extinction.


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