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Black Flame
GenreScience fiction
ParentBL Publishing

Black Flame was an imprint of BL Publishing, the publishing arm of Games Workshop and a sister imprint to the Black Library and Solaris Books. Black Flame was devoted to publishing cult fiction in the fields of science fiction, fantasy and horror. On 25 April 2008 Black Flame officially closed down.

The rights to Black Flame's 2000 AD titles have been bought by Rebellion Developments, and were made available in eBook format in November 2009. However, the rest of the Black Flame titles remain out of print.


Black Flame published novels from licensed properties: New Line Cinema and Rebellion Developments, owners of 2000 AD comic. They also revived the Dark Future cyberpunk series, created by Games Workshop (with both new books and reprints).

The books are typically “further adventures” using the pre-established characters, but in the case of New Line there are also a select number of film novelizations.

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