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The Black Fox Nuclear Power Plant was proposed by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) in May 1973. The facility was to be built approximately 3 miles southwest of downtown Inola, Oklahoma, but still within town limits, and was to consist of two 1,150 MWe General Electric (GE) Boiling Water Reactors.

In June 1979, about 500 people were arrested for protesting about construction of the Black Fox Nuclear Power Plant. In 1982, after nine years of court and legal challenges by Carrie Barefoot Dickerson and the Citizen's Action for Safe Energy (CASE) group, all plans were abandoned and no complex was ever built. It is believed to be the only nuclear power plant in the US to be canceled by a combination of legal and citizen action after construction had started.[1][2]

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  • American Electric Power Purchases Public Service Company of Oklahoma

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