Black Funeral

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Black Funeral
Origin Houston, Texas, United States
Genres Black metal, dark ambient
Years active 1993–present
Labels Dark Adversary Productions, Behemoth Productions
Associated acts Psychonaut 75, Hexentanz, Drowning the Light, Empire of Blood, Valefor
Website Official site
Members Akhtya Nachtotter
Azgorh Drakenhof

Black Funeral is an American black metal band from Houston, formed in 1993 by Michael W. Ford, also known outside the black metal environment as an industrial music musician and occultism/esotericism author.[1] They played a few live shows after being signed to their record label, Behemoth Productions. An exclusive song appeared on the A Tribute to Hell - Satanic Rites compilation CD released by Full Moon Productions. Baron Nachttoter professes to practice black magic, and has released CDs with live recorded speeches, dark ambient music and live rituals.

Michael W. Ford believes that black metal must be Satanic, but that not all band members need to be Satanists as long as one of them is.[2]


  • Journey into Horizons Lost (demo, 1994)
  • Of Spells of Darkness and Death (demo, 1995)
  • Vampyr - Throne of the Beast (1996)
  • Empire of Blood (1997)
  • Moon of Characrith (1998)
  • Beliel Arisen (2003)
  • Az-I-Dahrak (2004)
  • Ordog (2005)
  • Waters of Weeping (2007)
  • Vukolak (2010)
  • Ankou and the Death Fire (2016)


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