The Black Gestapo

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The Black Gestapo
Black gestapo.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Lee Frost
Produced by Wes Bishop
Screenplay by Lee Frost
& Wes Bishop
Based on story by Ronald K. Goldman (executive producer)
and Lee Frost
& Wes Bishop
Starring Rod Perry
Charles P. Robinson
Phil Hoover
Ed Cross
and Angela Brent
Music by Allan Alper[1]
Cinematography Derek Scott
Edited by Joanna Terbush
(editorial assistant)
Saber Productions
Distributed by Bryanston Distributors
Release date
  • March 1975 (1975-03)
Running time
88 min
Country United States
Language English

The Black Gestapo (also released as Ghetto Warriors) is a 1975 American nazi-blaxploitation film about a vigilante named General Ahmed, who starts an inner-city "People's Army" to protect the black citizens of Watts.[2][3][4] However, when the Army succeeds in chasing the mob out of town, Ahmed is replaced by his colleague Colonel Kojah, who reforms the movement into a fascist criminal organization in order to have complete control over the town.[5]

It was written and directed by Lee Frost, and stars Rod Perry, Charles P. Robinson, Phil Hoover, Ed Cross and features a cameo from Russ Meyer regular Uschi Digard. It depicts African-American men dressed as Nazis and contains many scenes of violence (including a castration scene) and soft-core nudity.[6]


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