Black Harbour

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Black Harbour
Starring Rebecca Jenkins
Geraint Wyn Davies
Alex Carter
Theme music composer Eric Robertson
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 39
Running time 45 min? (1 hr slot)
Original network CBC
Original release 4 December 1996 – 5 February 1999

Black Harbour is a Canadian television series, which ran on CBC Television from 1996 to 1999.

The show starred Rebecca Jenkins as Katherine Hubbard, a successful restaurant owner who returned to live in her Nova Scotia hometown to be with her mother who had suffered a heart attack. Her husband Geraint Wyn Davies, followed her with their two kids. Alex Carter also starred as Hubbard's high school sweetheart Paul Isler, whose own marriage was on the rocks and who was employed by Katherine's brother at the boatyard.

In the show's final season, Hubbard and Isler's marriages had both failed, and they officially rekindled their old relationship.

The show is currently reairing weekday mornings on TVtropolis.

Episode list[edit]

Season One

  1. Home and Away
  2. The Rocks and The Sea
  3. Best-Laid Plans
  4. A Rock and a Hard Place
  5. Time & Tide
  6. Ancient History
  7. Into Darkness
  8. Turnaround
  9. Dead of Winter
  10. Brush Fires
  11. You Can't Get There From Here
  12. Fire and Water
  13. The Water is Wide

Season Two

  1. Birth of a Notion
  2. Dead Calm
  3. The Wall
  4. The Legacy
  5. Another Country
  6. A Family Affair
  7. Love's Labours Lost
  8. High Noon
  9. A Separate Peace
  10. Tooth & Nail
  11. Man in the Middle
  12. Devil and The Deep Blue Sea
  13. The Sleep of Reason

Season Three

  1. Descent
  2. Mr. Sensitivity
  3. And Nothing but the Truth
  4. Eye of the Storm
  5. Undertow
  6. Bolt from the Blue
  7. Field of Dreams
  8. Aftershocks
  9. Surfacing
  10. Smoke
  11. Wait for Spring
  12. Home Sweet Home
  13. Artichoke Pie

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