Black Hole/Blank Canvas

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Black Hole/Blank Canvas
Studio album by Motorpsycho
Released March 17, 2006
Recorded 2005
Genre Psychedelic rock, hard rock
Length 84:53
Label Stickman Records
Producer Motorpsycho, Pieter Kloos
Motorpsycho chronology
In the Fishtank 10
Black Hole/Blank Canvas
Little Lucid Moments

Black Hole/Blank Canvas is the eleventh full-length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho. It is the first after long-time drummer Håkon Gebhardt left the band in spring 2005. The other two members, Hans Magnus Ryan and Bent Sæther decided to carry on as a duo. They recorded their new album in The Void studio in Eindhoven together with producer/engineer and long-time live sound technician Pieter Kloos and produced their third double album. It was released on March 17, 2006, (March 20 in Norway) and was followed by a European tour in spring.[1][2] The band was joined by drummer Jacco van Rooij and vibraphonist Øyvind Brandtsegg, who also played on the 1994 album Timothy's Monster.

The first song from the album, "In our Tree", was premiered as a short clip on Norwegian TV station NRK during the program Lydverket, and later in full on the radio station P3.

Track listing[edit]


  1. No Evil – 6:06
  2. In Our Tree – 3:39
  3. Coalmine Pony – 3:17
  4. Kill Devil Hills – 7:18
  5. Critical Mass – 5:21
  6. The 29th Bulletin – 5:48
  7. Devil Dog – 4:24
  8. Triggerman – 6:14


  1. Hyena – 4:01
  2. Sancho Says – 3:33
  3. Sail On – 4:17
  4. The Ace – 3:46
  5. L.T.E.C. (Déjà-Vulture Blues) – 6:19
  6. You Lose – 5:32
  7. Before The Flood – 8:58
  8. Fury On Earth – 2:49
  9. With Trixeene Through The Mirror, I Dream With Open Eyes – 3:31

All tracks written by Ryan/Sæther

  • There also exists a special edition available via and the Stickman mail order with an additional disc containing a single edit of "Hyena" and the non-album track "Bonny Lee" (Sæther).


  • Bent Sæther: vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards, drums etc.
  • Hans Magnus Ryan: guitars, vocals, keyboards etc.



The vinyl edition omits coloring and comes completely in black and white.

  • The album was also released as a special edition (book-like packaging) and an extra special edition containing a bonus disc, which was only available via and the Stickman mailorder.