The Black Hole (2006 film)

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The Black Hole
Film poster
Directed byTibor Takács
Produced byKenneth M. Badish
Boaz Davidson
Written byDavid Goodin
StarringJudd Nelson
Kristy Swanson
Music byJohn Dickson
Nu Image Films
Equity Pictures Medienfonds GmbH
Distributed byActive Entertainment
Release date
  • June 10, 2006 (2006-06-10) (U.S.)
CountryUnited States

The Black Hole is a 2006 American television movie produced for the Sci Fi channel, directed by Tibor Takács.


Something goes awry at a particle accelerator facility in St. Louis and a black hole begins to form. A creature exits the hole and seeks out energy. As the creature absorbs energy, the black hole grows in size and destroys a large part of St. Louis. Before the creature can be hit with a nuclear bomb, it is lured back to the black hole and the black hole collapses on itself.


The film stars Judd Nelson as the main character, Eric Bryce, a nuclear physicist essential in solving this problem, with Kristy Swanson playing Dr. Shannon Mueller as the secondary leading character.

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