Black Hole (2013 film)

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Black Hole
Directed by SarojkMishra
Produced by Uday kumar Pandey
Jitender Sharma
Jagdish K Tekchandani
Screenplay by Jitender Sharma
Rajkumar Yadav
Rohit Rawat
Starring Tiku Talsania
Alok Nath
Mukesh Tiwari
Manoj Pahwa
Meet Katuriya
Anuj Mishra
Rohit Rawat
Manpreet Kaur
Preeti Sharma
Pri Pabalkar
Vikash Jain.
Music by Rupesh
Cinematography Raaja Phadatare
Edited by Jitender Sharma
Country India
Language Hindi

Black Hole (Hindi: ब्लैक होल) is an unreleased movie, which is expected to be about Cyber-crime. The film focuses on the growth of Internet crime and how young people become involved and later trapped in the Cyber World. The movie was set for release in October 2013 [1]


The movie is about four unemployed young people who get trapped in the vicious cycle of crime after crime in the Cyber World. The adventures they face while being trapped becomes the climax of the story.


The movie features the actors Tiku Talsania, Alok Nath, Mukesh Tiwari, Manoj Pahwa, Meet, Anuj Mishra, Omi, Rohit Rawat, Manpreet, Kangana and Preeti Sharma.[2]

Artist Summary[edit]

  • Tiku Talsania As Lend Lord
  • Mukesh Tiwari As A.C.P
  • Manoj Pahwa As Raj Father
  • Alok Nath As Judge


The movie is produced by Uday Pandey and Jitendra Sharma (under Emanuel Films), while the director is Saroj Mishra. With the movie set for release in October 2013, video shooting of the movie has already begun in Mumbai, India.