Black Is the Color (of My True Love's Hair)

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"Black Is the Color (of My True Love's Hair)" (Roud 3103) is a traditional folk song first known in the US in the Appalachian Mountains but originating from Scotland, as attributed to the reference to the Clyde in the song's lyrics. The musicologist Alan Lomax supported this Scottish origin, saying that the song was an American "re-make of British materials."[1]

Many different versions of this song exist, some addressed to females and others addressed to males, as well as other differences:

  • some rosy fair... or a rose so fair... or ... something wondrous fair
  • ...the prettiest face and the neatest hands... or ...the sweetest face and the gentlest hands... or ...the clearest eyes and the strongest hands
  • ...still I hope the time will come... or ...some times I wish the day will come... or ... I shall count my life as well begun, when he and I shall be as one.
  • and I shall be as one... or ...s/he and I can be as one...

These words are set to two distinct melodies, one of which is traditional and the other was written by the Kentucky folk singer and composer John Jacob Niles. Niles recalled that his father thought the traditional melody was "downright terrible", so he wrote "a new tune, ending it in a nice modal manner." This melody was used in the Folk Songs song cycle by Luciano Berio.[2]

The song has become a part of the traditional repertory of Celtic music artists. The song was collected as "Black is the color" by Cecil Sharp & Maud Karpeles in 1916 from Mrs Lizzie Roberts. It appeared in Sharps English Folksongs From The Southern Appalachians (1932).[3] In the 1960s, Patty Waters sang an extended version for an ESP record which veered towards the avant garde and extremes of vocal improvisation,[4][unreliable source?] standing as a landmark in the use of folk tunes as a starting point to other musical areas.[citation needed]

Recorded versions[edit]

Versions of the song have been recorded by many artists, including:

Artist Album Genre Year Comments
John Jacob Niles American Folk Lore Vol. 3 1941 Also appears on American Folk Love Songs to Dulcimer Accompaniment, Six Favorite Folk Songs and other Niles compilations.
Burl Ives Wayfaring Stranger Traditional folk 1944
Jo Stafford American Folk Songs Traditional folk 1950
Gordon Heath & Lee Payant Chants traditionnels des États-Unis / The Ballad of the Boll Weevil and Other Traditional Songs of the United States Traditional folk 1955
Robert Shaw Chorale My True Love Sings Traditional folk 1956
Phineas Newborn, Jr. While My Lady Sleeps Jazz 1957
Pete Seeger American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 2 Folk music 1958
Nina Simone Nina Simone at Town Hall Jazz 1959 Nina Simone made it part of her standard repertoire, revitalizing the song's popularity.[5]
Joan Baez Joan Baez in Concert Folk music 1962
Smothers Brothers Think Ethnic Folk 1963 Title line turned into "Black Is the Colour of My Love's True Hair" [But only her Hairdresser knows--/("Does she or Doesn't she?")--/Only her Hairdresser knows!] (a play on the advertising 'tag line' at that time for Clairol hair-coloring products).
Orriel Smith A Voice in the Wind Folk 1963
Davy Graham Folk, Blues and Beyond Folk 1964
Smothers Brothers It Must Have Been Something I Said! Folk 1964 (They also did a parody version, cf. 1963)
Nina Simone Wild Is the Wind Jazz 1965
Patty Waters Patty Waters Sings Jazz 1965 Described as "the performance that established her as a vocal innovator"[6]
Hamish Imlach Hamish Imlach Folk 1966
Carola Carola & Heikki Sarmanto Trio Jazz 1966 Recorded in the spirit of the modal jazz scene in Europe in the 1960s,[7] Carola's accosting tone[8] and the groovy approach of the Heikki Sarmanto Trio remained undiscovered until issued by the Jazzpuu label in 2004.[7]
The Throb Single 1966 A version by Australian act recorded as "Black"
The Human Beinz Nobody But Me 1968 A version by US act
Cathy Berberian Folk Songs Classical 1968 Recorded with the Berio setting, followed by two more recordings next decade, all conducted by the composer to whom she was married for a time
Mike Seeger Music from True Vine Folk 1971 This a capella recording was done on his solo album of Appalachian and America Folk music on the Mercury label
Tia Blake and Her Folk-Group Folk Songs & Ballads Folk 1971 Released on SFP (Société Française De Productions Phonographiques)[citation needed]
Alfred Deller, Desmond Dupré, Mark Deller Folksongs Classical 1972
Marc Johnson's Bass Desires Bass Desires Jazz rock 1985 Instrumental version featuring guitarists Bill Frisell and John Scofield
Linda Hirst Songs Cathy Sang 1988 The Berio setting
Joe Sample Invitation Jazz 1993 Instrumental version recorded as "Black Is the Color".
This version has been featured on The Weather Channel's Local on the 8s segments.
Luka Bloom Turf Folk/Singer-songwriter 1994
Christy Moore Live at the Point 1994
The Irish Descendants Livin' on the Edge Folk, World, & Country 1996
The Stomping Clawhammers All Change... Small Change Traditional folk 1996 Female-addressed version
The Eccentric Opera Hymne 1997 The eighth track of Hymne album
Kendra Shank Wish Vocal jazz 1998
Susan McKeown Mighty Rain Traditional folk 1998
Judy Collins Both Sides Now 1998
Seanchai and the Unity Squad Rebel Hip Hop 1998 Female-addressed version with a different lyrics titled "Ballad of Mairead Farrell", .
Niamh Parsons In My Prime Traditional folk 2000 Also performed on Live at Fylde (2005)
Stringmansassy Persuasion 2000
Gaelic Storm Tree Folk rock 2001 Sixth track of the album Tree.[9] Female-addressed version
The Liberty Voices A Cappella Americana 2001 As seen at Epcot's American Adventure
Cara Dillon Cara Dillon Folk 2001 Irish folk singer Cara Dillon chose to perform a female-addressed version opening her eponymous album which won her many awards including "Best Traditional Song" at the 2002 BBC Folk Awards. It has become a favourite in her live repertoire and has undergone huge success as a Trance remix by 2Devine (see below)[10]
Andreas Scholl Wayfaring Stranger Classical 2001
Blue Mountain Roots Alternative country/roots rock 2002
Banshee in the Kitchen If We Were Us Celtic/Irish 2002 Male-addressed version by Californian/World Celtic trio.
Clann Lir Clann Lir Traditional folk 2002 Male-addressed version by Russian Irish Celtic act, sung by Melnitsa front-woman Hellawes
Grace Griffith Sands of Time 2003
Larry Mathews Easy and Slow Folk 2003 Third track on the Album Easy and Slow[11]
Nurse with Wound She and Me Fall Together in Free Death Experimental 2003
Ensemble Planeta Aria A capella 2003 Tenth track of the Aria Album[12]
Eala Clarke Longing Celtic 2004
Paul Weller Studio 150 Rock 2004
Julie Poole The Ash Grove 2005
2Devine featuring Cara Dillon House 2005 DJ Pete Devine (also known as 2Devine and Coco & Green) produced a trance remix to Cara Dillon's version.
The Corrs Home Pop folk 2005
Espers The Weed Tree Psychedelic folk 2005
Eilis Kennedy Time to Sail Folk 2005
Elane Lore of Nén Neo-folk 2006
The Czars Sorry I Made You Cry Rock 2006 Male-addressed version by American rock band
The Twilight Singers She Loves You Rock 2007 Female-addressed version
Cara Dillon vs. 2 Devine Trance 2007 Above & Beyond's Devine Intervention Mix
Karan Casey Ships in the Forest Folk 2008 Acoustic piano version by Karan Casey, an Irish folk singer
Elane Lore of Nén Medieval folk 2008
Andre Ethier Born of Blue Fog Neo-Folk 2008 Canadian artist
The King's Singers Simple Gifts Classical/Folk 2008 A capella
Kokia Fairy Dance: Kokia Meets Ireland Celtic 2008 Female-addressed version by Japanese songstress.
Natacha Atlas Ana Hina Arabesque/World 2008 Male-addressed version with the Mazeeka Ensemble[13]
Angelo Kelly Lost Sons

Up Close

Pop rock 2008 Appears as the last track in Lost Sons and was also recorded live for Up Close
Rea Garvey Often covers it on tours and performed it on The Voice
Julie Murphy Black Mountains Revisited Folk/Singer-songwriter 2009
Nyle Wolfe Home Ground Folk/Classical 2009
Wye Oak Splice Today Presents: The Old Lonesome Sound Folk 2009 An original compilation album
Silverwheel Single studio recording Unknown Silverwheel plays live and maintains several websites with their tracks sampled.
Phil Coulter Timeless Tranquility: 20 Year Celebration Folk Celtic Classical 2008
Marc Gunn Irish Drinking Songs: A Cat Lover's Companion Folk 2007 Album was a followup of Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers which included the track "Black Is the Color (of My Cat's Fur)" based on this song.
Sara Mitra April Song Jazz 2010
Angel Olsen Lady of the Waterpark Indie Folk 2010[14] Limited cassette-only release
Lisa Lambe Celtic Woman: Believe Folk Celtic 2011 Female-addressed version
Katherine Jenkins Daydream Classical-popular crossover 2011 Male-addressed version
Celtic Thunder Heritage Folk Celtic 2011
Mark Stewart & Richard H. Kirk The Politics of Envy Rock, dub 2012 Bonus track on the iTunes version of the album
Siobhan Owen Storybook Journey Folk Celtic Classical-popular crossover 2012 Male-addressed version, vocal and harp
Arborea Red Planet Psych-Folk 2011
Papa M (David Pajo) Five Ep - Drag City Rec. Folk Rock 2003
Brian McFadden The Irish Connection Soft rock 2013 featuring Sinéad O'Connor
Méav Ní Mhaolchatha The Calling Folk 2013 Male-addressed version
Arven Black Is the Colour Metal 2013
Shearwater N/A Indie Rock 2014 Male-addressed version, later verses are rewritten.
Didges Christ SuperDrum Alien Technology Indie Rock 2013 Featured on the soundtrack of the film Evangeline
Peter Hollens & Avi Kaplan Peter Hollens Folk 2014 Female-addressed version
Hausfrau Night Tides Darkwave 2014 Female-addressed version
Coppelius Hertzmaschine Metal 2015
Rhiannon Giddens Tomorrow Is My Turn Americana 2015
Damien Leith Songs from Ireland 2015
Lauryn Hill Nina Revisited... - A Tribute to Nina Simone 2015
Toby Robinson Toby Robinson Folk/Alt-Country 2015
The Bombadils New Shoes Chamber Folk 2016
Bannkreis Sakrament Folk Rock 2018 Song called "Rabenflug" with different lyrics in German.
Nicole Cabell and Alyson Cambridge Sisters in Song Classical 2018 Arranged for two voices and orchestra by Joe Clark


Pop culture references[edit]

"Black Is the Color" is featured in The Twilight Zone season 3 episode entitled "The Passerby", which aired on October 6, 1961.

"Black Is The Color" is featured in the 1962 pilot for the western TV series Gallaway House, starring Johnny Cash, Merle Travis, Karen Downs and Eddie Dean.

"Black is the Color" is featured in The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. A sailor sings it to Heather as she and her new husband, Brandon Birmingham, pass by on the way to an inn before leaving London.

The "Lover's Lament" / "Love's Jewels" lyrics sung in Anne Bishop's Tir Alainn book series are loosely based on this song.

A cover of the song by Jim Moray featured on the Class season 1 finale "The Lost", appearing in both the post credit opening and closing fight sequence.


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