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Black Kaweah

Coordinates: 36°32′43″N 118°30′57″W / 36.5453837°N 118.5158296°W / 36.5453837; -118.5158296
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Black Kaweah
Black Kaweah is the leftmost peak
Highest point
Elevation13,686+ ft (4,172+ m) NAVD 88[1]
Prominence520 ft (158 m)[1]
Parent peakRed Kaweah[1]
ListingSPS Mountaineers peak[2]
Coordinates36°32′43″N 118°30′57″W / 36.5453837°N 118.5158296°W / 36.5453837; -118.5158296[3]
LocationSequoia National Park, Tulare County, California, U.S.
Parent rangeSierra Nevada, Great Western Divide
Topo mapUSGS Triple Divide Peak
First ascentAugust 11, 1920 via West Ridge by Duncan McDuffie, Onis Brown, James Hutchinson[4][5]
Easiest routeExposed scramble, class 3[5]

Black Kaweah is a mountain of the Kaweah Peaks Ridge of the California's Sierra Nevada, in Sequoia National Park. The peak has a local magnetic disturbance that has caused compasses in the vicinity to vary by up to eight degrees.[5] Fulgurites can be found on the peak.[6]


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