Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me

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Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me
Black Knight poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Original title 흑기사
Created by KBS Drama Production
Written by Kim In-yeong
Directed by Han Sang-woo
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 20[1]
Executive producer(s)
  • Jung Chang-hwan
  • Kang Byung-taek
Producer(s) Choi Joon-ho
Production location(s) Ljubljana, Slovenia
Seoul, South Korea
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 60 mins
Production company(s) n.CH Entertainment
Distributor KBS
Original network KBS2
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Audio format Dolby Digital
Original release December 6, 2017 (2017-12-06) – February 8, 2018 (2018-02-08)
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Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me[2] (Hangul흑기사; RRHeukgisa; lit. Black Knight) is a South Korean television series starring Kim Rae-won in titular role alongside Shin Se-kyung, Seo Ji-hye, and Chang Mi-hee. It aired on KBS2 starting December 6, 2017 every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (KST) for 20 episodes.[3][4][5]


This drama is about a pure man who accepts a dangerous destiny for the woman he loves. It is a love story that spans over two hundred years. Moon Soo-ho (Kim Rae-won) is a businessman with a pure heart who braves danger for his love Jung Hae-ra (Shin Se-kyung), who is a travel agent but never traveled abroad.



  • Kim Rae-won as Moon Soo-ho / Lee Myung-so (Black Knight)
    • Sung Yoo-bin as young Moon Soo-ho / young Lee Myung-so
He is a successful CEO who is strict to himself, and he never shows his true colors. But when he is in love, he is a pure romanticist. After the death of his parents, a friend of his father became his guardian and looked after him. He and his guardian's daughter grew up like siblings, and he slowly developed feelings for her. However, the joy did not last long. He felt betrayed and hurt by his guardian and his daughter. When he is on the verge of breaking down from despair, a delivery woman tells him that a big fortune is waiting for him in the future. Her words become a prophecy and he keeps on rolling. The endless luck scares him because he worries that he might have to repay all of it later. Then, he meets the guardian's daughter again. She makes his heart flutter even though she hurt him. She is his first love.
  • Shin Se-kyung as Jung Hae-ra / Boon-yi
    • Flash back 4,5,6,
    • Park Ga-ram as young Jung Hae-ra / young Boon-yi
She works for a travel agency. Even though she is poor, she takes care of her aunt and maintains a cheerful attitude. As a child she was pretty well-off. However, when her parents died and her family went bankrupt, her life turned upside down. She did not lose hope because she had a job, a house, and a boyfriend. But misfortunes never come alone. Her work, family and lover drag her to the pit of her life. Then she remembers the wine-colored coat she had ordered at Sharon's Boutique as a child. She never got to pick it up because her family suddenly went bankrupt. Could her life have changed if she had picked up that coat? After she unexpectedly finds the coat, strange things start to happen to her. Then she meets him, the man who calls himself her black knight.
  • Seo Ji-hye as Sharon / Choi Seo-rin
    • Lee Ji-eun as young Choi Seo-rin
She is the designer at Sharon's Boutique. She attracts much attention with her beauty, but her personality is selfish, cranky, and egocentric like a child. She keeps a huge secret. She has been living for more than 200 years without getting old or dying. Ever since 'that day', she has been spending lonely days without aging. Although she is receiving punishment for the sin she committed 200 years ago, she is so stricken with a victim mentality that she never grows or finds enlightenment. When Hae-ra visits her boutique to find the coat she had ordered as a child, she tries to escape from karma by being generous to Hae-ra. She desperately wants to break away from the endless punishment. But at that moment, she meets him again. The man she has been missing for hundreds of years. The man she believes to be her destiny.
She is a perfumer and cultural heritage commentator of Seochon. A mysterious aura surrounds her entire body. Her other job is a power blogger. She lived for 250 years and writes interesting stories on her blog. No one knows that those stories are her actual experiences. She hopes to break away from the punishment and become mortal again. Then she meets the lovers who are tangled up by a terribly cruel fate. They marked the beginning of her karma.


People around Hae-ra[edit]

People at Soo-ho's company[edit]

  • Jung Jin as Soo-ho's secretary

People at Hae-ra's Travel Agency[edit]

  • Han Ji-sun as Kang Joo-hee
  • Kim Gyeol as Head Manager
  • Cha Cheong-hwa as Team leader

People at Sharon's Botique[edit]

  • Kim Seol-jin as Yang Seung-goo


  • Yeom Dong-heon as Manager Cho
  • Song Sam-dong as Jeom Bok
    • Jo Hyun-do as young Jeom Bok
  • Lim Yong-sun as Guard
  • Lee Seung-hyung as Hae-ra's father

Special appearance[edit]


  • The series was written by Kim In-young and directed by Han Sang-woo, who have previously worked together on Unkind Ladies (2015).
  • The first script reading was held on October 8, 2017.[6]
  • The series is the very first television production of n.CH Ent, a new company set up by former S.M. C&C CEO Jung Chang-hwan.


Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me OST
Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released January 24, 2018 (2018-01-24)
Genre K-pop, soundtrack
Language Korean

OST Part 1[edit]

1."I Hope It's Me" (나이기를)Yu Yoo-jin, Maktub, Lee Ra-eunMaktub, Lee Ra-eunMaktub, Seo Young-eun03:17
2."I Hope It's Me" (Inst.) Maktub, Lee Ra-eun 03:17
Total length:06:34

OST Part 2[edit]

1."Daydream" (백일몽)Kenzie, Lee Na-ilKenzie, Lee Na-ilKwon Sun-il (Urban Zakapa)03:17
2."Daydream" (Inst.) Kenzie, Lee Na-il 03:17
Total length:06:34

OST Part 3[edit]

1."Spring Watch" (태엽시계)Kenzie, Lee Na-ilKenzie, Lee Na-ilHyolyn03:26
2."Spring Watch" (Inst.) Kenzie, Lee Na-il 03:26
Total length:06:52

OST Part 4[edit]

1."Goodbye Kiss/Flower Rain" (꽃비)Lee Shin-sungZigZag Note, No Eun-jongPaul Kim03:58
2."Goodbye Kiss/Flower Rain" (Inst.) ZigZag Note, No Eun-jong 03:58
Total length:07:56

OST Part 5[edit]

1."With You"Yu Yoo-jinLance Dale Gehl, Alby Lee OdumGB903:26
2."With You" (Inst.) Lance Dale Gehl, Alby Lee Odum 03:26
Total length:06:52

OST Part 6[edit]

1."Closer"Bull$EyE, iLLABull$EyE, Lee Jae-minLee Raon, Lim Ji-young03:02
2."Closer" (Inst.) Bull$EyE, Lee Jae-min 03:02
Total length:06:04

OST Part 7[edit]

1."Would You"Mun Sully, Seo Jung-ahSophia Pae, BUM, DistractLee Bada, NiiHWA03:41
2."Would You" (Inst.) Sophia Pae, BUM, Distract 03:41
Total length:07:22


  • In this table, The blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
Episode # Original broadcast Date Average audience share
TNmS Ratings[7] AGB Nielsen Ratings[8]
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
1 December 6, 2017 8.0% (15th) 8.0% (10th) 6.9% (15th) 7.0% (15th)
2 December 7, 2017 8.1% (15th) 8.0% (12th) 9.3% (7th) 9.8% (5th)
3 December 13, 2017 8.8% (13th) 9.8% (5th) 7.9% (11th) 7.9% (11th)
4 December 14, 2017 9.8% (10th) 10.4% (5th) 9.1% (7th) 8.9% (7th)
5 December 20, 2017 10.6% (7th) 10.5% (4th) 10.4% (6th) 10.6% (4th)
6 December 21, 2017 10.9% (6th) 11.4% (4th) 11.1% (4th) 11.5% (4th)
7 December 27, 2017 10.9% (10th) 10.7% (4th) 11.6% (4th) 12.0% (4th)
8 December 28, 2017 13.0% (4th) 13.0% (3rd) 13.2% (4th) 12.8% (4th)
9 January 3, 2018 10.0% (9th) 9.3% (5th) 9.2% (10th) 8.7% (8th)
10 January 4, 2018 10.3% (10th) 10.9% 10.6% (6th) 11.2% (4th)
11 January 10, 2018 9.4% (9th) 9.7% 9.8% (9th) 10.2% (5th)
12 January 11, 2018 9.5% (11th) 9.6% 9.9% (10th) 9.9% (6th)
13 January 17, 2018 8.8% (8th) 9.6% 7.9% (10th) 7.1% (15th)
14 January 18, 2018 8.7% (11th) 9.1% 8.3% (10th) 7.9% (10th)
15 January 24, 2018 8.2% (15th) 8.3% 8.7% (11th) 8.7% (10th)
16 January 25, 2018 9.3% (14th) 9.4% 8.6% (12th) 8.5% (10th)
17 January 31, 2018 11.1% (9th) 11.3% 9.1% (10th) 8.9% (11th)
18 February 1, 2018 11.0% (11th) 11.4% 9.5% (11th) 9.1% (10th)
19 February 7, 2018 9.6% (14th) 9.8% 8.7% (12th) 8.7% (12th)
20 February 8, 2018 12.9% (6th) 13.2% 13.9% (4th) 14.3% (2nd)
Average 9.9% 10.2% 9.7% 9.7%

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2018 11th Korea Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress Shin Se-kyung Nominated [9]


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