Black knobby newt

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Black knobby newt
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Caudata
Family: Salamandridae
Genus: Tylototriton
Species: T. asperrimus
Binomial name
Tylototriton asperrimus
Unterstein, 1930

The black knobby newt (Tylototriton asperrimus) is a species of salamanders in the Salamandridae family found in China and Vietnam.[1] Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, freshwater marshes, and intermittent freshwater marshes. It is threatened by habitat loss and overharvesting.[1]

The black knobby newt is a medium-sized newt, with total length of 12–15 cm (4.7–5.9 in).[2]


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