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Black Label is a skateboarding company that was founded by its owner, John Lucero, in 1990. The company has been based in Huntington Beach, California, United States (US).


Lucero Ltd.[edit]

Lucero was a competing professional skateboarder in the 1980s and rode for companies such as Variflex, Madrid, and Schmitt Stix. Lucero eventually launched his own brand, Lucero Ltd., in 1988 using skateboards manufactured by the Santa Cruz company.

Black Label[edit]

Lucero separated from Santa Cruz in 1991 and changed the company name to "Black Label", using the Canadian beer, Carling's Black Label, as inspiration for the title.

The motto for the brand is "Never Be Bought, Never Be Sold, and Never Forget".


Lucero has created different divisions under the Black Label brand, including Label Legends and Emergency.


As of 2012, Black Label is distributed by Blitz Distribution.[1]

Current Team As Of May 31st 2012[edit]

BlackLabel Skateboards team roster is as follows:

Previous Riders[edit]

Jeff “pink Sasquatch” Grosso

Label Legends[edit]

Label Legends is the Black Label division of veteran pros who were previously on Black Label's main roster:


Emergency is a division featuring legendary pros, with boards designed around the shapes of previous skateboard generations, as well as modern shapes in larger sizes. It was originally called Red Cross. Current Emergency riders include:

Previous Emergency riders[edit]


Black Label also has its own film imprint Black Label Pictures. They have released the following titles:

  • Label Kills (2001)
  • Blackout (2003)
  • Label Live (2004)
  • WHO CARES The Duane Peter Story (2005)
  • Back in Black (2006)
  • God Save The Label (2009)


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