Black Lightning (2009 film)

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Black Lightning
Black Lightning.jpg
Directed byAlexandr Voitinsky
Dmitry Kiseilov
Produced byTimur Bekmambetov
Written byDmitriy Aleinikov
Aleksandr Talal
Aleksandr Voitinskiy
Mikhail Vrubel
StarringGrigori Dobrigin
Ekaterina Vilkova
Sergei Garmash
Viktor Verzhbitsky
Release date
  • December 26, 2009 (2009-12-26) (Moscow)
Running time
100 minutes

Black Lightning (Russian: Чёрная Молния; Template:Translit) is a 2009 Russian superhero film directed by Alexandr Voitinsky and Dmitry Kiseliov, and produced by Timur Bekmambetov.


The action of the film begins in the autumn of 2009. Dmitry Maykov (Grigori Dobrigin), an ordinary university student at Moscow State University, is given a car for his birthday. His father (Sergei Garmash) gives him a black 1966 GAZ 21 Volga. However, this is not just a car, but the secret product of a Soviet defense contract, equipped with a rocket engine. Dmitry suspects none of this. He's not even excited when he finds an old record and a photo of three scientists in the glove box of the car.

Dmitry falls in love with his classmate, Nastya Svetlova (Ekaterina Vilkova). Because of Kuptsov's lecture, he sincerely believes that the only way to achieve success is to be egotistical. This belief is strengthened when Dmitry sees the success of Nastya's friend, Max (Ivan Zhidkov), who has a lot of money and a white Mercedes.

Dmitry begins working as a flower delivery man. He finds out about the special features of his car completely by accident, while Kuptsov's men are chasing him. Losing control of the flying car, Dmitry crash lands in an abandoned building. With Max's help, Dmitry is able to listen to the record from the glove box. Thanks to it, he finds the scientists from the photo. Two of them, Pavel Perepelkin and Olga Romantseva turn out to be husband and wife. Pretending to be a newspaper reporter, Dmitry learns from them everything about the car. Romantsova gives Dmitry the car's manual, which the third scientist, Mikhail Elizarov, wrote. At first, Dmitry enjoys his flights in his flying car and makes decent money flying to avoid the legendary Moscow traffic jams. But his egotism leads Dmitry to not help a stabbed man on the street, who turns out to be his own father.

The death of his father changes Dmitry's outlook on life. He decides to use his car to help people and becomes a superhero. Soon all the people of the city become his fans, and journalists give him the name "Black Lightning."

Meanwhile, Kuptsov starts a hunt for the nanocatalyzer, which can transform gasoline into the rocket fuel used to power his underground drill. The drill destroys the city, but allows Kuptsov to get to a layer of diamonds located under a tectonic plate. Kuptsov finds the scientists who worked on the flying Volga and forces them to make an armed version of "Black Lightning" using his armoured Mercedes. Kuptsov lures Dmitry to the roof of a skyscraper by letting Perepelkin, one of the scientists, escape there. Kuptsov hits "Black Lightning" with a rocket, before Dmitry even manages to enter the fight against the villain, taking away the nanocatalyzer and sending the Volga under the ice of the Moscow River.

A call from his darling girlfriend, Nastya, who says that she really loves Dmitry, brings the hero back to his senses. Dmitry remembers the emergency back-up nanofuel, flies out from under the ice like a ballistic missile, and flies to Kuptsov's lair where he saves the scientists and all Moscow by capturing the nanocatalyzer. He then rushes to celebrate the New Year with Nastya, but Kuptsov beats him and takes Nastya as a hostage, so he can trade her for the nanocatalyzer. Above Red Square Nastya jumps out of Kuptsov's car and Dmitry saves her. The final battle between the two flying cars in the sky above Moscow ends with Dmitry luring Kuptsov's car to the outer limits of the atmosphere, where the Mercedes runs out of nanofuel. Kuptsov floats in the Earth's orbit, left for dead.

Dmitry and Nastya meet on the ground and celebrate the New Year together.



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