Black List (L.A. Guns album)

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For the term for a list of entities to be denied a privilege, see Blacklist.
Black List
Black List (L.A. Guns album).jpg
Compilation album by L.A. Guns
Released November 8, 2005
Recorded 1985-1986
Genre Hard rock, glam metal
L.A. Guns chronology
Tales from the Strip
Black List
Loud and Dangerous: Live from Hollywood

Black List is the second of two L.A. Guns compilation albums featuring their third singer Paul Black. Most of this material is previously unreleased.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Stranded in L.A."
  2. "L.A.P.D."
  3. "Show No Mercy"
  4. "One More Reason to Die"
  5. "Looking Over My Shoulder"
  6. "Love & Hate"
  7. "On And On"
  8. "Wired and Wide Awake"
  9. "One Way Ticket to Love"
  10. "Name Your Poison"
  11. "Liquid Diamonds"
  12. "Love Is a Crime"
  13. "Winter's Fool"
  14. "Everything I Do"
  15. "A Word to the Wise Guy"
  16. "Roll the Dice"
  17. "Black City Breakdown"
  18. "The Devil in You" (performed by Black Cherry)