Blackmask (comic book)

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Cover to Blackmask #1.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
Publication date1993
No. of issues3
Creative team
Created byBrian Augustyn
Jim Baikie
Written byBrian Augustyn
Artist(s)Jim Baikie
Letterer(s)Albert De Guzman
Colorist(s)Jim Baikie
Editor(s)Archie Goodwin
Bill Kaplan

Blackmask is a three-issue prestige format mini-series by Brian Augustyn and Jim Baikie published in 1993 by DC Comics.


Set during the aftermath of the Korean War, the appearance of a masked vigilante known as Blackmask (Daniel "Dan" Cady) in a small American town causes concern for both the police and the Mafia.