Black Mountain, Slovakia

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Black Mountain
(Čierna hora)
Mountains Cierna hora Slovakia 675.jpg
The mountains seen from Kojšov
Highest point
Peak Roháčka
Elevation 1,029 m (3,376 ft)
Area 250 km2 (97 sq mi)
Black Mountain, Slovakia is located in Slovakia
Black Mountain, Slovakia
Country Slovakia
Range coordinates 48°50′00″N 21°08′00″E / 48.83333°N 21.13333°E / 48.83333; 21.13333Coordinates: 48°50′00″N 21°08′00″E / 48.83333°N 21.13333°E / 48.83333; 21.13333
Parent range Slovak Ore Mountains

Black Mountain (Slovak: Čierna hora, German: Schwarzer Berg) is a small mountain range in eastern Slovakia. It forms part of the Slovak Ore Mountains. The range is located roughly between the city of Košice to the southeast and the municipalities of Krompachy to the northwest and Kysak to the northeast and has an area of about 250 km². Its highest point is the Roháčka (1,029 m n.m.) between Margecany and Kluknava.

The region of the Black Mountain is drained by the River Hornád. Within the range lies the reservoir of Ružín, built in the 1960s, whose main purpose is to supply water, but which also acts as a recreation area.

On the lower slopes beech is predominant, the higher reaches are covered by spruce and mixed forest.

The range itself is only sparsely settled. Part of the main line from Košice to Žilina runs through the mountains with large railway hubs in Margecany and Kysak.

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