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Black P. Stones Jungles is a division of the Black P. Stones Chicago gang in some parts of Los Angeles.

Intergang relations[edit]

In 1972, BPS along with LA Brims, Piru St Boys, Athens Park Boys, Bishops, Denver Lanes, Pueblos and Lueders Park Hustlers founded the Bloods after constant attacks on independent gangs by the Crips in addition to Crip and Crip rivalries that also began to surface, making BPS one of the original gangs that founded the Bloods gang.


The BPS consisted of two separate gangs: The City Stone Bloods, also known as the "bity" in the Mid-City/Arlington Heights area, and the Jungle Stone Bloods, the exclusive area that was once known as the Jungles (during the 1960s to the early 2000s) now officially known as Baldwin Village on the West Side of South Central Los Angeles,[1] saw 28 murders and more than 1,500 assaults from 2000 to 2005.


The Black P Stones Jungles first emerged in California in 1969[2] and had operated in the West Adams area of Los Angeles.[3] Over the years the P Stones had grown into one of the larger gangs that were in South Los Angeles. There were an estimated 700 members of the Black P Stones, 400 of whom used to live in Baldwin Village.

LAPD raids[edit]

On November 10, 2005, the FBI Los Angeles Office and Los Angeles Police Department carried out many police raids against alleged BPS members accused of conspiracy and drug trafficking in a joint effort called "Operation Stone Cold". At least 18 people were arrested. There was also another police raid in 2011 arresting at least 30 to 40 members.

Ownership crackdown[edit]

The Los Angeles City Attorney and prosecutors are heavily targeting property owners and managers of the Chesapeake Apartments, (a 425-unit apartment complex spread over more than 17 acres and was a longtime stronghold for a street gang called the BPS) to solve crime. LAPD has also conduct police raids and arrests among the apartment buildings as well, which has decrease crime within that area dramatically. [4][5]

Continual arrests[edit]

LAPD has continued to make arrests against members, while many members are being pushed out the city limits altogether.[6][7]


The 2001 film Training Day, starring Denzel Washington, was filmed on a dead-end street in Baldwin Village, and featured Cle Shaheed Sloan of Athens Park.

An author and former Los Angeles Police Department officer wrote about the Jungles's former crimes and former turf wars in his first book, One Time: The Story of a South Central Los Angeles Police Officer.

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