Black Patch War (EP)

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Black Patch War
Black Patch War cover.jpg
EP by Common Market
Released May 20, 2008
Recorded 2008
Genre Hip-hop
Length 22:05
Label Massline Media
Producer Sabzi
Common Market chronology
Common Market
Black Patch War EP
Tobacco Road

Black Patch War is an EP from Seattle-based hip-hop duo, Common Market. It is the group's second release. The title is a reference to the American Black Patch Tobacco Wars of the early 20th century, a continuation of the title of the group's forthcoming full-length album, Tobacco Road which takes its name from the tobacco-producing region of North Carolina.

According to lyricist RA Scion, the EP "represents the essence of compromise."[1] After having much difficulty securing distribution for Tobacco Road, the duo opted to hold on to the album on the condition that they would release new material in May 2008.

With little promotion and the initial expectation of an early-2008 release for Tobacco Road, the EP caught many fans, friends of the band, and even RA Scion's mother by surprise.[1]

In a series of posts on his blog, "six minutes to sunrise," RA Scion posted the lyrics to the songs and detailed the references in the lyrics. The specific song posts are referenced in the track listing below. As of August 22, 2008, six tracks of the EP have been covered.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Black Patch War" (3:16)
  2. "Oldham Era" (2:19)[2]
  3. "Watership Down" (3:14)[3]
  4. "Red Leaves" (4:11)[4]
  5. "His Eminence" (2:41)[5]
  6. "Trouble Is" (3:19)[6]
  7. "Bonanza" (3:02)[7]


  • Sabzi - beats, producer
  • RA Scion - rhymes