Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Live

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Live.jpg
Live album by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Released November 2009
Recorded 2007
Label Abstract Dragon
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club chronology
The Effects of 333
Beat the Devil's Tattoo
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Live is a DVDs of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concert footage captured from three sold out shows in Berlin, Dublin and Glasgow, and chronicles the end of the band's 2007 tour in support of Baby 81. Additionally, it includes intimate, behind-the-scenes footage, glimpses into the making of 2005's Howl and is rounded out with a bonus live album featuring 14 songs.

The spine misspells the band's name as 'Black Rebel Motorcylce Club'.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1 (DVD)

  1. "Berlin"
  2. "Weapon Of Choice"
  3. "Rise Or Fall"
  4. "666 Conducer"
  5. "Ain't No Easy Way"
  6. "Weight Of The World"
  7. "Stop"
  8. "All You Do Is Talk"
  9. "Red Eyes And Tears"
  10. "As Sure As The Sun"
  11. "American X"
  12. "Spread Your Love"
  13. "Love Burns"
  14. "Mercy"
  15. "Dirty Old Town"
  16. "Promise"
  17. "Six Barrel Shotgun"
  18. "Whatever Happened To My Rock And Roll (Punk Song)"
  19. "Fault Line"
  20. "Took Out A Loan"
  21. "Show Is About To Begin"
  22. "Heart And Soul"

Disc 2 (CD)

  1. "Weapon Of Choice"
  2. "Rise Or Fall"
  3. "666 Conducer"
  4. "Ain't No Easy Way"
  5. "Berlin"
  6. "Red Eyes And Tears"
  7. "Love Burns"
  8. "Mercy"
  9. "Dirty Old Town"
  10. "Promise"
  11. "Six Barrel Shotgun"
  12. "Spread Your Love"
  13. "Took Out A Loan"
  14. "Whatever Happened To My Rock And Roll (Punk Song)

Disc 3 (DVD)

  • Bonus Concert Footage
    • "Need Some Air"
    • "Stop"
    • "Ain't No Easy Way"
    • "Head Up High"
  • "Devil's Waiting" at Somerset House
  • BBC Radio Sessions Birmingham
  • "Rifles" Live at T in the Park
  • "Feel It Now Jam"
  • Howl Studio Sessions
    • Howl in the Studio Featurette
    • Recording "Ain't No Easy Way"
    • Recording "The Line"
    • Recording "Shuffle Your Feet"
  • Making Of "Weapon Of Choice" Video
  • "American X" (Short Film)


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