Black River (Severn River)

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Black River
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Central Ontario
Part of Great Lakes Basin
 - left Head River
Source Powderhorn Lake
 - location Algonquin Highlands, Haliburton County
 - elevation 424 m (1,391 ft)
 - coordinates 45°15′56″N 78°43′05″W / 45.26556°N 78.71806°W / 45.26556; -78.71806
Mouth Severn River
 - location Ramara, Simcoe County
 - elevation 219 m (719 ft)
 - coordinates 44°45′08″N 79°18′41″W / 44.75222°N 79.31139°W / 44.75222; -79.31139Coordinates: 44°45′08″N 79°18′41″W / 44.75222°N 79.31139°W / 44.75222; -79.31139
Location of the mouth of the Black River in southern Ontario

The Black River is a river in Simcoe County, the District Municipality of Muskoka, the City of Kawartha Lakes, and Haliburton County in Central Ontario, Canada.[1] It is part of the Great Lakes Basin, and is a right tributary of the Severn River.


The river begins at Powderhorn Lake and flows southwest to Raven Lake, then passes under Ontario Highway 35 and into the municipality of Lake of Bays, District Municipality of Muskoka. It continues southwest into Minden Hills, Haliburton County, then back into Muskoka District in the municipality of Bracebridge, passes under Ontario Highway 118 and flows by the community of Vankoughnet, and enters the city of Kawartha Lakes. The river turns west, flows over the Ragged Rapids, exits Kawartha Lakes, briefly forms the border between Simcoe County and Muskoka District, flows through the Big Eddy, then reaches the community of Cooper's Falls in the municipality of Ramara, Simcoe County. It turns south, then heads west, takes in the left tributary Head River, turns north, and reaches its mouth at the Severn River's easternmost outflow from the latter river's source at Lake Couchiching. The Severn River flows to Lake Huron.


It is a common misconception that the Black River flows into Lake Couchiching. This was a problem for lumbermen in the 1860s, who established the Rama Timber Transport Company, to move logs from the Black River to Lake Couchiching.


  • St. John Creek (left)
  • Head River (left)
  • Montgomery Creek (left)
  • Anson Creek (left)
  • Andrews Creek (left)
  • Cache Creek (left)
  • Ketch Creek (left)
  • Clear Creek (right)
  • Cinder Creek (left)
  • South Jean Creek (left)
  • Orillia Creek (right)
  • Horse Creek (left)

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