Black River (South Carolina)

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The Black River at Kingstree, South Carolina
Physical characteristics
Main source 34°13′41″N 80°16′22″W / 34.22806°N 80.27278°W / 34.22806; -80.27278
River mouth 33°23′56″N 79°14′50″W / 33.39889°N 79.24722°W / 33.39889; -79.24722Coordinates: 33°23′56″N 79°14′50″W / 33.39889°N 79.24722°W / 33.39889; -79.24722
Basin features
River system Pee Dee River

The Black River is a 151-mile-long (243 km)[1] blackwater river in South Carolina in the United States. It courses through Sumter, Clarendon, and Williamsburg counties before merging with the Great Pee Dee River in Georgetown County. The river was once called the Wee Nee by the Native Americans who once inhabited the area.[2]


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