Seefin (Ballyhoura Mountains)

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Suí Finn
Highest point
Elevation 528 m (1,732 ft)
Listing Marilyn
Coordinates 52°18′47″N 8°31′16″W / 52.313°N 8.521°W / 52.313; -8.521Coordinates: 52°18′47″N 8°31′16″W / 52.313°N 8.521°W / 52.313; -8.521
Translation Seat of Fionn (Irish)
Location County Limerick,
Republic of Ireland
Parent range Ballyhoura Mountains
OSI/OSNI grid R644180

Seefin (Irish: Suí Finn) is a mountain near the southern border of County Limerick, Ireland. At 528m it is the highest peak and the second most northerly summit in the Ballyhoura Mountains and the 396th highest in Ireland. Latitude: 52.313847 Longitude: -8.522738.[1]


The name Suí Finn translates as the Seat of Fionn (Mac Cumhaill). It is so named because, according to tradition, Fionn mac Cumhaill and the Fianna stopped here in their travels around the country.


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