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Black Rock from Brighton Marina sea wall

Black Rock is an area of undeveloped land located near Brighton Marina in the city of Brighton and Hove. It was previously the site of a swimming pool that was demolished in the 1970s.[1]

There is also an area just to the East of the Marina that is known as Black Rock. Here at low tides a vast area of Black rocks can be seen that are excellent for nature observations for the likes of ecologists.


From at least the early 19th Century[citation needed], Black Rock was the site of an inn and a few houses overlooking cliffs to the east of the then town of Brighton.

In 1936 an Art Deco Lido was constructed at beach level, but this was closed in 1978[2][3] and demolished in 1979, having been run down ever since its closure during World War II.[citation needed]

The area is served by an extension of the Volk's Electric Railway, which has remained in use thanks to the proximity of the marina, although the line was shortened when the marina and associated coastal defences were built in the early 1970s.[citation needed] The cliff-top houses were also lost to allow for the marina's approach roads.[citation needed] A new Black Rock railway terminus station was constructed in the 1990s, controversially slightly off-centre when compared with the terraces behind it which lead up to Lewes Crescent, Kemp Town[citation needed].


Brighton and Hove City Council have plans to develop the site with a predominantly leisure use.[4] From 2007 there have been plans to construct a multi-purpose sports arena with adjacent ice rink, however in July 2012 the Council considered those plans were no longer viable and decided to seek a new development partner.[5]

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