Black Scorpion (TV series)

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Black Scorpion
Black Scorpion TV series DVD cover
Genre Science Fiction
Starring Michelle Lintel
Scott Valentine
BT (Brandon Terrell)
Enya Flack
Theme music composer David G. Russell
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 22
Executive producer(s) Roger Corman
Producer(s) Marta M. Mobley
Craig J. Nevius
Original network Sci Fi
Original release January 5 – June 30, 2001
Preceded by Black Scorpion
Black Scorpion II

Black Scorpion is an action-crime TV series that aired on the Sci-Fi Channel in 2001. It aired in Canada on Space. The series is based on two Roger Corman Showtime TV-movies: Black Scorpion (1995) and its sequel Black Scorpion II: Aftershock (1997). The show focuses on a female police officer who, by night, takes to the streets and fights crime as the superhero the Black Scorpion.

Episode 1.1, 1.3 and 1.8 were combined into a 2002 straight to video movie called Sting of the Black Scorpion.

The series was available on DVD in North America.

Lead character[edit]

Darcy Walker[edit]

The Black Scorpion's real name is Darcy Walker, played by Michelle Lintel. She lives in Angel City (a fictionalized version of Los Angeles), where she works as a police detective. Darcy's father was shot by the city's crooked district attorney. The D.A. was arrested, but the charges were suspiciously dropped. That was when Darcy decided to take to the streets as the vigilante, Black Scorpion. In the original Corman films, the role of Darcy was played by Joan Severance. In the series, she is a red-headed enforcer with a badge who enforces the law more efficiently without the badge as her crime-fighting alter-ego, Black Scorpion. She appears to be a big fan of the color black, a fact she made clear during an interview after being asked with such a trivial question which would explain the color of her costume. However, as shown in the first episode, her choice of the scorpion relates to an old fable about a scorpion trying to cross a river, which her father told her.

Black Scorpion[edit]

Apart from being an excellent hand-to-hand fighter and an expert with computers, Black Scorpion has no superpowers. She relies on various specially developed technologies, chief among them the a car called the Stingray with voice command weaponry and with a disguise capability to make it look like a regular Corvette. She also wears a ring that shoots powerful blasts of energy, and possesses a similar transformation capability to the Stingray for when Darcy needs to switch into her heroine costume in the field.

Other major characters[edit]

  • Detective Steve Rafferty: Darcy's partner and love interest. Apart from Darcy, Steve is the best cop on the force. At present, he is on a mission to unmask the Black Scorpion. Darcy wants to tell Steve that she's the Black Scorpion, but whenever she tries, the opportunity slips away. Steve may also have a crush on the Black Scorpion, which visibly upsets Darcy, forming a bizarre love triangle between Steve, herself, and her costumed alter-ego. He is played by Scott Valentine. Of special note, Scott Valentine played a cameo in the second Black Scorpion film as minor thug.
  • Specs and Slugger: A pair of incompetent cops that work with Darcy and Steve. Often the pair get into car crashes while chasing Black Scorpion. They are played by Shane Powers and Steven Kravitz respectively. Of note they are the only characters, save Gangster Prankster and Aftershock, to return for the series with their original actors.
  • Argyle Sims: Darcy's personal mechanic, he is the only person whom Darcy allowed to know her identity unconditionally, since he freely gave her most of her more hi-tech equipment. He is somewhat a mentor figure to her at times, but his role is watered down somewhat in the series, only seeming to appear when a new gadget is needed. In one episode, he garbed himself as the "Argyle Avenger", after tipping off Detective Steve Rafferty who couldn't make it in time, in order to aid Darcy (Black Scorpion) foil the antagonist's plot. He is played by Brandon Terrell (listed as BT in the credits).
  • Tender Lovin' (Veronica): Argyle's girlfriend and a former hooker. She and Argyle are constantly arguing about relationship issues. She is played by Enya Flack.
  • Arthur "Artie" Worth: Angel City's extremely corrupt Mayor. Often involved in various shady deals either to fund his campaign for reelection or his extravagant lifestyle. Many criminals in the city are created because of this, including his own Deputy mayor. He is played by Robert Pine.
  • Dr. Phineas Phoenix: A scientist who deals in reanimating the dead, and creating clones. His goal is to take a criminal and reform him into a productive member of society. As a result, several of Black Scorpion's enemies return from fatal defeats at her hand (Breathtaker, Inferno and Gangster Prankster). He is played by Raye Birk.
  • Capt. Henry Strickland: Played by Guy Boyd.


No. Title Featured villain(s) Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "Armed and Dangerous" FireArm Gwyneth Gibby Craig J. Nevius January 5, 2001 (2001-01-05)
Series pilot. Black Scorpion goes head to head with FireArm, a former cop who lost his arm due to the actions of an urban military group. But the leader of the group may be a bigger menace than the new villain...
2 "Wave Goodbye" Hurricane Robert Spera Lev L. Spiro & Craig J. Nevius January 12, 2001 (2001-01-12)
Exposure to chemical waste (courtesy of Mayor Worth's goons) turns a marine biologist into the super-powered eco-terrorist, Hurricane.
3 "Blinded by the Light" Flashpoint Stanley Yung Craig J. Nevius January 19, 2001 (2001-01-19)
Black Scorpion creates a new enemy for herself when she accidentally blinds tabloid photographer Cameron Albright as he tries to capture her real identity on film, resulting in the birth of Flashpoint!
4 "Home Sweet Homeless" Aftershock Gwyneth Gibby Raly Radouloff January 26, 2001 (2001-01-26)
After surviving the events of "Black Scorpion II", Aftershock decides to help the homeless of the evicting the citizens OUT of their own homes!
5 "Love Burns" Inferno Dave Blass Craig J. Nevius February 2, 2001 (2001-02-02)
A dedicated firefighter turns into the tragic pyrokinetic supervillain Inferno.
6 "Out of Thin Air" Breathtaker Robert Spera Heidi Gerrer & Nick Guthe February 9, 2001 (2001-02-09)
He’s baaaack....Resurrected by Dr. Phoenix, Breathertaker, Black Scorpion’s first nemesis, resumes his plan for revenge on the City of Angels. Note: First appearance of Dr. Phoenix.
7 "No Stone Unturned" Medusa Jeff Yonis Craig J. Nevius February 16, 2001 (2001-02-16)
Using her spa as a front, the evil Medusa begins kidnapping the city’s most eligible bachelors, and turning them to stone...including Steve!
8 "Crime Time" Clockwise Tim Andrew Craig J. Nevius February 23, 2001 (2001-02-23)
Time’s not on Black Scorpion’s side as Clockwise, a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for a crime twenty-five years ago, begins taking revenge on those who convicted him.
9 "No Sweat" Aerobicide Rachel Samuels Steve Gentile March 2, 2001 (2001-03-02)
Too much exercise CAN be bad for your health when Aerobicide begins targeting obese millionaires, and literally exercising them to death.
10 "An Officer and a Prankster" Gangster Prankster Alex Cassini Elijah Aron 9 March 2001 (2001-03-09)
Resurrecting the Gangster Prankster, Dr. Phoenix hopes to rehabilitate the crime clown with genetic alterations to make him a more law-abiding citizen. The joke’s on the doc, though, when his plan backfires...
11 "Life's a Gas" Pollutia Gwyneth Gibby Steve Gentile & Craig J. Nevius 24 March 2001 (2001-03-24)
12 "Roses Are Red, You're Dead" Greenthumb Tim Andrew Malcolm Stephens 31 March 2001 (2001-03-31)
13 "Fire and Brimstone" Inferno & Medusa Robert Spera Uncredited April 7, 2001 (2001-04-07)
14 "Virtual Vice" Mindbender Susan Tuan Craig J. Nevius 14 April 2001 (2001-04-14)
15 "Bad Sport" Slapshot Dave Blass Nick Guthe & Craig J. Nevius April 21, 2001 (2001-04-21)
When a hockey player's teammates deliberately injure him, he seeks revenge as the armor-clad Slapshot.
16 "Kiss of Death" Angel of Death Tim Andrew Mike Vital & Craig J. Nevius April 28, 2001 (2001-04-28)
Both Darcy and Black Scorpion find competition when a new female cop with a "shoot first, ask never" policy becomes the murderous vigilante, the Angel of Death.
17 "He Who Laughs Last" Gangster Prankster Michael Mickens Steve Gentile May 5, 2001 (2001-05-05)
The punchline'll REALLY kill ya; Manipulating Argyle back into a life of crime, Gangster Prankster creates a gas that makes anyone who laughs literally explode!
18 "Power Play" Stunner Scott Valentine Steve Gentile & Craig J. Nevius May 12, 2001 (2001-05-12)
19 "Photo Finish" Flashpoint Tim Andrew Craig J. Nevius May 19, 2001 (2001-05-19)
20 "Face the Music" Vox Populi Robert Spera Craig J. Nevius June 16, 2001 (2001-06-16)
21 "Zodiak Attack - Part 1" Professor Prophet, Aftershock, Hurricane, Inferno and Breathtaker Greg Aronowitz Craig J. Nevius June 23, 2001 (2001-06-23)
22 "Zodiak Attack - Part 2" Professor Prophet, Aftershock, Hurricane, Inferno and Breathtaker Greg Aronowitz Craig J. Nevius June 30, 2001 (2001-06-30)


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