Black Sea Governorate

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Black Sea Governorate (in English)
  • Черноморская губерния (Modern Russian)
Черноморская губерния 1900.svg
Coat of arms of Black Sea Governorate.png
Coat of Arms
Established 1896
Abolished 1918
Political status Governorate
Region Caucasus
Area 6,455.0 verst²
Population (1897 census)
 • Total 57478
 • Density 8.9 inhab. / verst²

The Black Sea Governorate (Russian: Черномо́рская губе́рния), also known as Chernomore or the Black Sea Government, was one of the guberniyas of the Caucasus Viceroyalty of the Russian Empire.

It was established in 1896 on the territory of Black Sea Okrug of Kuban Oblast. Its administrative center was Novorossiysk.

In 1905, the population of the governorate was about 70,000 and the area—6,455 square versts (7,346 km2; 2,836 sq mi), making it the smallest Russian governorate by both measures.[1]

It ceased to exist when Black Sea Soviet Republic was built in spring, 1918.

The governorate's territory was included into the Kuban-Black Sea Oblast in March 1920.


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Coordinates: 44°43′00″N 37°46′00″E / 44.7167°N 37.7667°E / 44.7167; 37.7667