Black Shumen

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Black Shumen
Black shumen male.jpg
Black Shumen cockerel, 20 weeks old
Conservation status rare
Other names
  • Bulgarian: Черна шуменска кокошка[1]
  • Cherna shumenska kokoshka[1]
  • Black shoumenska hen
Country of origin Bulgaria
Use eggs, fancy
  • Male: 2–2.5 kg[2]
  • Female: 1.5–1.8 kg[2]
Skin color white
Egg color white
Comb type single

The Black Shumen is an old breed of chicken originating in Shumen region of Bulgaria. In the middle of the 20th century it was crossed with Minorca chickens and later, briefly, with Rhode Island Red birds.[2]

It is considered a rare breed. In 2013 the population was reported as 350.[1] It is kept by the Bulgarian Poultry Institute in Stara Zagora and by a few members of the Bulgarian Poultry Breeders Association.


The Black Shumen is black with a greenish sheen; it has a single comb, white skin and red earlobes. It is early-maturing, and lays 160–170 greyish-white eggs weighing 53–55 g per year.[2]


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