Black Socialists in America

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Black Socialists in America
FoundedApril 2018; 5 years ago (2018-04)
IdeologyDemocratic socialism[1]
Libertarian socialism[1]
Scientific socialism[1]
Colors  Black

Black Socialists in America[a] (BSA) is an American socialist political group that organizes predominantly among black working-class people and whose stated goal is to create a national platform and network for those who identify as Black American socialists.[3]

Since its foundation, the group has worked on grassroots initiatives with organizations across the country,[4][5] received national media coverage[6] and an endorsement from Noam Chomsky.[7]

The group has also hosted a number of public panels and discussions featuring both civil rights era and radical black leaders such as Jamal Joseph.[8] Members of the group acting on behalf of the organization have also been represented in a number of other lectures or interviews done by figures such as economist Richard D. Wolff,[9] and television networks like Free Speech TV.[10]

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  1. ^ Formerly known as Black Socialists of America


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