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The New Zealand men's national softball team (nicknamed the Black Sox/Black Socks) is the national softball team for New Zealand.[1] They have won the ISF Men's World Championship six times, becoming World Champions in 1976 (1st = with US and Canada), 1984, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2013.[2] They also won the inaugural Commonwealth Championships (a round robin tournament between New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, South Africa and Botswana) in 2006.[3] The "Black Sox" name is one of many national team nicknames related to the All Blacks as well as to famous "Sox" baseball teams. The female team is known as the White Sox

On 26 July 2009, Australia (Aussie Steelers) defeated New Zealand (Black Sox), five runs to nil in the final of the 2009 ISF Men's World Championship held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada).


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