Black Star of Queensland

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Black Star of Queensland, Star Sapphire
Black Star of Queensland Star Sapphire.jpg
The 733-carat Black Star of Queensland
Category Oxide mineral
Color Black

Black Star of Queensland is a 733-carat (146.6 g) black sapphire, and the world's largest gem quality star sapphire. It was discovered in Australia in the 1930s. The gem has been involved in several ownership disputes.[1][2]

The Black Star of Queensland was on display during the 1960s at the Smithsonian as part of a display with the Hope Diamond. From 2 June through 2 December 2007, it was on display at the Royal Ontario Museum. The sapphire is now owned by an unknown private party and is not believed to be on public display.[3]

The Star of India at 563.4 carats (112.68 g) is thought to be the largest gem quality blue star sapphire, and is on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.[4]


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