Black Throat

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Black Throat
Black Throat.jpg
DVD cover of Black Throat
Directed by Gregory Dark
Produced by Gregory Dark & Walter Dark
Written by Johnny Jump-Up
Cinematography Junior "Speedy" Bodden[1]
Edited by Alex Craig[2]
Distributed by VCA Pictures[3]
Release date
Running time
66 minutes (original uncut length)

Black Throat is an interracial pornographic film from 1985. It stars Peter North, Christy Canyon, Sahara,[4] Craig Roberts,[5] Purple Passion,[6] Tony Martino,[7] Kevin James, Erica Boyer, Marc Wallice, Lady Stephanie,[8] and Steve Drake. Jack Baker stars in a non-sex role. It was directed by one-half of the Dark Brothers "purveyors of fine filth" team, Gregory Dark.

Traci Lords had the original "starring" credit in Black Throat, but her two scenes were removed when investigators discovered that she was underage at time of filming. Although, her scenes were removed, her name remains in the theme music used at the start and end of the film.

Black Throat was recognized as XRCO Best Video of the Year in 1985.[9] In 2005, it was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame.[9]

Scene Breakdown[edit]

Scene 1 Traci Lords, Tony Martino
Scene 2 Lady Stephanie, Purple Passion, Kevin James
Scene 3 Erica Boyer, Marc Wallice, Steve Powers
Scene 4 Traci Lords, Craig Roberts, Kevin James
Scene 5 Christy Canyon, Peter North
Scene 6 Sahara, Marc Wallice, Steve Powers, Tony Martino
Scene 7 Peter North
Scene 8 Jack Baker


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