Black Toys

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Black Toys
BlackToys Cover.jpg
Studio album by
Released6 Nov 2006
Recorded2006 by Splank! at Zombie Studios in Munich, Germany
GenreTechno, Alternative dance, Electronic
LabelUKW Records
ProducerFlorian Senfter
Zombie Nation chronology
Black Toys

Black Toys is the third studio album by German techno and electro project of Munich-based DJ and producer Florian Senfter a.k.a. Zombie Nation. It was released on 6 November 2006 on Senfter's own record label UKW Records.

Track listing[edit]


  1. Booster
  2. Black Toys
  3. All Or Nothing
  4. Squid
  5. Don't Touch
  6. Slomo
  7. Peace & Greed
  8. Monolove (Snakes)
  9. Taxi Extreme
  10. Paeng Paeng
  11. Talks
  12. Black Toys (Orange Mix)


  1. A1 Booster
  2. A2 Squid
  3. B1 Peace & Greed
  4. B2 Talks
  5. C1 Black Toys
  6. C2 All Or Nothing
  7. D1 Don't Touch
  8. D2 Slomo


  • Booster (2006)

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