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Black Widow (paint mix) (also known as a Black Widow Ultra (EU) or (Black Widow US) is a non-commercial open source project to design a paint mix to be used as the base DIY (do it yourself) projection screen. Led by Mechman Alternators (US), Wbassett (US) and Custard10 (EU),[clarification needed][1] the paint mix is made from easily accessible materials from the United States and the European Union, and could outperform commercial projection screens.

Black Widow Paint is a paint with four special slick agents that seek to be competitive with other projection screen manufactures.

History of DIY painted screens[edit]

Projection screens are primarily white or gray. A white screen is better balanced and more accurate[clarification needed] when it is close to D65 (the international standard illumination conditions). A gray screen is more accurate when it is closer to neutral, based on parameters such as color balance (L*ab and xyY values), spectral curve and color temperature.

The most popular[citation needed] way to improve a simple neutral gray color, up until now, has been by the use of mica (pearlescent) and poly coatings. The problem with mica is it causes a color shift. To improve on a well-balanced neutral gray, without introducing color shifting, non-interference pigments are used. It was discovered that by adding aluminum-based paint (which is water-based, primarily made out of aluminum with no other colorants), a gray color was created. This paint has been used over the years[citation needed] as a 'silver' substitute, since the aluminum's bright and reflective properties are conducive to applications such as manufacturing mirrors.


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