Blacketts Lake

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Blacketts Lake
Blacketts Lake is located in Nova Scotia
Blacketts Lake
Blacketts Lake
Big Ridge in Nova Scotia
Location Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia
Coordinates 46°4′7″N 60°18′28″W / 46.06861°N 60.30778°W / 46.06861; -60.30778Coordinates: 46°4′7″N 60°18′28″W / 46.06861°N 60.30778°W / 46.06861; -60.30778
Primary outflows Sydney River
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 187 ha (460 acres)[1]:6
Max. depth 25 m (82 ft)[2]

Blacketts Lake is a lake and a community of Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada, in the Sydney River watershed, of which it forms the headwaters. The lake and river are home to the northernmost known population of Yellow lampmussel.[1]:6


The water in the upper Sydney River watershed is alkaline. Flow in Blacketts Lake is imperceptible except at a road bridge and causeway on Blacketts Lake Road. During winter, the lake tends to freeze except for areas of fast flow near the bridge and the mouths of brooks.[1]:8


Blacketts Lake is named after Walter Blackett. Walter's father, William Blackett, born in London, England, of the Blackett family from North England came to Canada with his wife and two sons John and Walter in 1789, accompanied by a secretary of the British Government to purchase lumber for the ship yards of England.

William Blackett is the founder of the nearby mining town of Glace Bay.

The Blackett Family has a known connection to over 40 Prime Minters of Great Britain, and 2 Prime Ministers are direct descendants of the Blackett family.

William's son, Walter Blackett, moved from his father's homestead in Blackett's Creek, PEI and established a homestead with his wife and nine (9) children on the shores of Blacketts Lake .

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