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Blackie Ko
Chinese name 柯受良
Pinyin Kē Shòu Liáng (Mandarin)
Born (1953-02-22)February 22, 1953
Yushan Island, Chekiang Province, Republic of China
Died December 9, 2003(2003-12-09) (aged 50)
Shanghai, China
Other name(s) Blackie Ko Shou-liang
Blacky Ko
Sau-leung Ko
Shou-liang Ko
Kao Sau-leung
Ko Sau-leung
Ko Shou-liang
Blacky Ko Sau-leung
Years active 1965–2003
Ancestry Xiangshan County, Chekiang Province, China

Blackie Ko (Chinese: 柯受良; pinyin: Kē Shòu Liáng) (February 22, 1953 - December 9, 2003) was a Taiwanese film director, producer, stuntman, singer and actor. Blackie was considered as the greatest automotive stunt choreographer in Asia.

Personal life[edit]

In 1956, he moved to Taiwan with his family during Battle of Dachen Archipelago. He is the father of actor and singer Alan Ko. In 1997, Ko drove a car over the Hukou Waterfall on the Huang He " Yellow River" to celebrate the handover of Hong Kong in Shanxi Province.[1]


On December 9, 2003, Ko died of blood poisoning in Shanghai, he was 50 years old.[2]




  • Life Express (2004)
  • Chez 'n Ham (1993)
  • Hero from Beyond the Boundary of Time (1993)
  • Invincible (1992)
  • The Days of Being Dumb (1992)
  • Curry and Pepper (1990)
  • Whampoa Blues (1990)

Stuntman, stunt arranger, stunt designer or stunt coordinator[edit]

  • The Trail (1993, stunt arranger, stunt coordinator)
  • Crying Freeman: Dragon from Russia (1990, stunt coordinator)
  • Curry and Pepper (1990, stunt designer)
  • Dynamite Fighters (1987, car stunt)
  • In the Line of Duty (1986, stunt coordinator)
  • Yes, Madam (1985, car stunt)

Action director[edit]


  • Girls in the Hood (1995)
  • Chez 'n Ham (1993)


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