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Initial releaseOctober 30, 2009; 10 years ago (2009-10-30)
Stable release
7.0.1 / January 13, 2019; 10 months ago (2019-01-13)
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Written inRuby
TypeLibrary and information science software
LicenseApache License

Blacklight is an open-source Ruby on Rails engine for creating search interfaces on top of Apache Solr indices. The software is used by libraries to create discovery layers or institutional repositories; by museums and archives to highlight digital collections; and by other information retrieval projects.


The University of Virginia began developing Blacklight based on its Collex scholarly publishing software, which also used Ruby and Rails and Solr.[1] The goals of the project included improving the user experience over contemporary OPAC systems, particularly with regard to relevance ranking, and showcasing historically underutilized library collections.[2]


Blacklight includes support faceted browsing, relevance-based searching, bookmarking documents, permanent URLs for documents.[3] It is relatively simple to customize Blacklight, typically by writing Ruby code that overrides default Blacklight code.[4] There are several plugins available for Blacklight as well, including an extension for geospatial data,[5] a digital exhibit creation tool,[6] and various search and user interface features.


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