Blackmail (album)

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Studio album by Blackmail
Released Germany October 10, 1997
Recorded 1994–1997
Genre Progressive rock, Dance
Length 56:30
Label bluNoise Records
Producer Kurt Ebelhäuser
Blackmail chronology
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Blackmail (stylised as blackmail) is the debut album by the artist of the same name. The album consisted of tracks that the band was able to record in a high-tech recording studio that was readily lent to them by a German producer legend named Stuart Bruce who was impressed with their demo-recordings. Bruce, as well as Guido Lucas, produced the album. Guido Lucas started his own record label in Koblenz known as bluNoise Records. blackmail was able to secure his support, after many other record labels turned down their request to be taken in. The album, however, still did not get a very positive consumer response.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Blink/ I Get Numb" – 6:12
  2. "When I Start Today" – 2:22
  3. "Bare Me" – 3:15
  4. "Tomorrow Never Knows" – 5:51 (Lennon, McCartney) [1]
  5. "Red Rum" – 8:45
  6. "Some Daze" – 3:32
  7. "Salt Cellar" – 3:02
  8. "Extravaganza" – 4:22
  9. "Z" – 5:32
  10. "Radiant Carrot" – 7:02
  11. "Designed By The Moon" – 6:35




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